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Eves & Gray“Mustang” Brogue

Over the years I have acquired a taste for the finer things in life. By that I don’t mean necessarily buying into a brand dominated culture but more focusing on great quality. Good design and exemplary craftsmanship has always interested me. Even though the country of manufacture is an important factor it is not absolutely crucial. Certainly for me the way a product looks and feels is the clincher. That is why I have a huge admiration for UK shoemaker Eves & Gray because they effortlessly combine both of these characteristics seamlessly.

A few months ago I had the delightful pleasure of reviewing/testing an exquisite pair of Chelsea boots called the ‘Hellicat’. Even though I own several shoes from well known Italian designers these bootss attracted the most attention. In fact, I wore them to a recent party and one of the guest commented that they were the finest shoes he had ever seen. Truly this doesn’t surprise me because the quality and build is really superior. The purple accents also add a beautiful contemporary twist to a classic design.

British shoemaking is revered around the world and is dominated by a few companies. That is why Eves & Gray founder Tim Waring had a monumental task of infiltrating this lucrative market. However, with plenty of exceptional hard work and immense design skills he seems to have achieved this. One of his latest lines is a sensational brogue called the ‘Mustang’. What truly makes it special is the rich oxblood colour, which delicately grades to black at the wing tips. This touch of luxury is absolutely ingenious and makes the shoes really distinctive. Other striking features include sumptuous butter soft purple leather lining and a finely stitched sole.

If you are looking for a handcrafted pair of shoes that set you apart from the crowd, then look no further than the wonderful ‘Mustang’ Brogue. In my opinion this shoe is a staple for any gentleman’s wardrobe.

You can purchase the ‘Mustang’ Brogue for £245 (approximately $306) directly from Eves & Gray: https://www.evesandgray.co.uk/product/the-mustang/

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