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Thomas Earnshaw LONGCASE ES-0032-02

With Baselworld 2017 rapidly approaching there seems to a frenzy of marketing activity from watch brands. To appreciate the true spectacle of this event you really have to see it first hand. In ??Hall larger corporates like Swatch, Rolex, LVMH install massive boutique style booths. Due to the scale and cost of these structures (which probably run into the millions) it is hard to grasp that they are only there on a temporary basis. Nevertheless, for a lot of companies this is the most important marketing opportunity of the year. Therefore, it is crucial they use every dollar to the maximum effect. In contrast there are many smaller labels displaying new timepieces. A great example is British based watchmaker Thomas Earnshaw.

Thomas Earnshaw is one of the watch labels owned by the Dartmouth Group (who also own AVI-8, Ballast and Spinnaker). The company derives its name from the legendary 18th Century horologist and inventor of the modern marine chronometer. As I have mentioned numerous times, it pays dividends in the watch industry to tell a great story. However, the the present day incarnation of Thomas Earnshaw also delivers the goods when it comes to overall style and design. Certainly one of my personal favourites in the range is the elegant LONGCASE ES-0032-02.

Personally I have always been fascinated by skeleton dials because they expose the intricate mechanical workings of the watch. In this particular instance the company have used a very attractive Swiss made 21-jewel automatic movement from Inter T SA (who unfortunately are no longer in business). Thomas Earnshaw chose the Caliber IT 10 because of its aesthetic qualities, cost and availability. Therefore, at a recommended retail price of only £945 (approximately $1,167) it makes the LONGCASE ES-0032-02 a very attractive proposition indeed.

The LONGCASE ES-0032-02 is a great looking timepiece and has a generous 48mm x 13mm stainless steel (black IP treated) ‘Art Deco’ style sculpted case. However, the timepiece only weighs around 100 grams and feels surprisingly comfortable on the wrist. Features like the three-dimensional Roman numerals, slender hour/minute hands and ornate crown add a touch of class. In my opinion the minimalistic composition is integral to the overall success of the design.

For more information about Thomas Earnshaw visit their website: https://www.thomas-earnshaw.com

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