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Raw Energy Bar Revolution

For the last few years I have bought protein and energy bars from my local supermarket. Even though they taste pretty good there are a lot of ingredients and additives that I was particularly not keen on. Ultimately, this gave me the incentive to start producing my own handmade bars. Using only seeds, nuts, organic sultanas, organic dark chocolate (normally 85% cacao) and organic rice malt syrup, I achieved some pretty decent results. The only problem is that the outcome varied from batch to batch and that isn’t acceptable in the commercial environment.

Recently there has been an emergence of small Australian craft food companies producing some really tasty energy bars. With only a few premium ingredients these snacks really deliver a mean punch. They also contain absolutely none of the nasty stuff like preservatives, artificial flavours or refined sugar. Essentially this means that these are a guilt free treat that can be enjoyed by all the family. Here are some exciting products that are designed to promote a healthy way of living.

The Bar Counter

The Bar Counter is a specialist food company (owned by The Bailey Boys) that is based in a suburb of Melbourne called Hawthorn. The brand has expanded rapidly and now supply some of Australia’s largest supermarkets. I was fortunate enough to try two different flavoured Paleo bars (Coconut & Cacao and Almond, Macadamia, Cashew & Blueberry). I love the rich indulgent taste and the sweet silky mouth watering texture. This has been achieved by combining a variety of raw ingredients with a copious amount of dates.

Inner Raw Co.

Inner Raw is a small company that produces a range of delicious foods products. The brand is located in Port Macquarie, New South Wales and is motivated by healthy living. I tried a couple of their handmade Paleo Bars and found them completely satisfying. The combination of natural organic ingredients like dates, coconut, almonds, raw Cacao and berries really keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Blue Dinosaur

Even though Blue Dinosaur has a playful name the brand is very serious about producing high quality food. The company was established by health fanatics Mike and Tina who are based in Kings Langley, New South Wales. Presently the brand supplies a range of different flavour tasty snack bars, which will satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. Certainly my personal favorite was the Brazilian Paleo bar, which contained Brazil nuts, dates, organic banana, organic coconut and cinnamon.

Sweet Nectar Whole Foods

Sweet Nectar Whole Foods is a specialist company that is based in Adelaide, Australia. As well as selling their delicious sweet treats at local markets they also supply café’s and stores state wide. All of their caramels, truffles, protein balls, chocolates and cheesecakes are made from raw ingredients. I was fortunate to test some of their tasty bars/slices that contain nut butter, coconut oil and cacao. The rich, indulgent melt in the mouth texture is an experience I will remember for a long time.


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