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Over the last few years I have amassed a pretty respectable watch collection. Certainly I feel privileged to own timepieces that I could only have dreamed about a few years ago. Compared to many serious collectors my selection is pretty humble and contains no complications. I met a Singapore entrepreneur a few years ago who has a staggering gambit of around 250 watches. He stores them in vaults in customised cases (of 25), which he deposits on a monthly basis. As they are all mechanical he also needs a pretty decent watch winder (or several) to keep selected models running.

Previously I have only featured two watch winders on Total Design Reviews. These were the Dreadnought by Ambrelus and the futuristic almost sculptural Lucky Egg by Allen Hsieh. There is no doubt that these machines are beautifully designed and the build quality is exceptional. However, at a cost of over $10,000 they are well beyond the budget of most buyers. This is why a product like the JUVO 3 from Austin based company is a really attractive proposal. Not only does it deliver on the style front but is also is very competitively priced at $999.

I first became aware of JUVO just before they exhibited with Swiss Creative Lab at Baselword this year. The company’s overall philosophy is “More is less. Less is more.” Definitely the JUVO 3 offers the buyer a lot of bang for their buck. I love the minimalistic black gloss façade punctuated with aluminum accents. This is a watch winder that you would be proud to display in your living room. Other appealing features include aluminum side panels and a high quality glass top. The JUVO 3 also uses fluorescent lights to illuminate your chosen timepieces. This is enabled by ground breaking Chips on Board (COB) optics technology.

Functionally the JUVO 3 offers the consumer different speed options (650-900-1200-1500 TPD) and can operate in Clockwise, Counter- Clockwise, Bi-Directional rotation modes. This phenomenal engineering is powered by an innovative Japanese Mabuchi motor. Another cool feature is that the device has an auto-reset facility so your timepieces are always in an upright position. I was fortunate enough to personally test this machine and would highly recommend it.

For more information about JUVO visit the company’s website

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