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Bristol Cars Bullet Speedster

My seven-year-old son (like most boys of his age) is absolutely crazy about cars. From a very young age he has developed an ingenious talent of being able to recognise a car by just a glimpse of its headlight. That is why he is really excited that Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures have released a third instalment of the Cars franchise. The story focuses on how former hero ‘Lightning McQueen is now overshadowed by newcomer ‘Jackson Storm’. Interesting massive technological advances in the automotive industry are integral to the films plot line. Back to reality UK company Bristol Cars have embraced these changes with a revolutionary new version of their Bullet.

When I see vintage cars on the roads I always feel a sense of euphoria because they evoke nostalgic feelings. I absolutely love classic automobiles like the E-Type Jaguar because the design is essentially timeless. The same comparison can be made with Bristol Cars new, Bullet Speedster. This 70th Anniversary model (which is the first new release since 2003) combines the absolute best of both worlds.

As a Brit I am very proud of the English car industry, which sadly has largely diminished over the last few years. In fact, there are very few UK car manufacturers left and the ones remaining are very high end. Certainly Bristol Cars fit into that category and the Bullet Speedster is their most expensive creation to date. However, they have not scrimped on quality or design with this model. The beautifully sculpted chassis is constructed from lightweight carbon fiber and high grade aluminium. This enables the car (powered by a BMW V8 engine) to reach 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 155mph (250 km).

The interior of Bullet Speedster is every bit as impressive as the sublime curvaceous exterior. Only the finest materials like carbon fiber, real wood and hand stitched leather have been used in production. Ultimately if you want classic retro style without compromising on technology and you have a generous budget then this is the car for you.

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