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Origin Chocolate

Over the last few years I have become fascinated by my personal health and general well being. Probably the catalyst was meeting an Adelaide based doctor called Dr Margaret Taylor, who specialises in dietary advice. She is exceptionally intuitive and suggested (based on certain symptoms) that I was probably gluten intolerant. It turned out that her diagnosis was correct and now that I have excluded gluten from my diet I feel considerably more energised. Subsequently I have also cut out dairy products on her recommendation which has also been very effective.

Recently I read an absolutely fascinating book called ‘The Diet Myth’ by an author/doctor called Tim Spector (Professor of Genetic Epidemiology). This publication profiles how microbiomes inside our guts play a pivotal part in physiological well being. Ultimately the message is if you eat more fresh produce and less processed foods then you can’t really go wrong. Certainly this is the philosophy that fine chocolate maker Matt Chimenti adheres to with his gourmet brand Origin.

Like most people I can’t really live without chocolate and in particular products with a very high cocoa content. Obviously eating anything in excess isn’t good for you. However, Matt Chimenti strives to deliver a product that is both delicious and has a high nutritional value. All of his bars are handmade, organic, gluten/dairy free, vegan and contain no refined sugars. Essentially, the integrity of the ingredients in this chocolate is what really distinguishes it from most other confectionary.

In my recent articles entitled ‘Art of the Australian Chocolatier’ I wanted to explore different manufacturing techniques. These range from traditional European methods to more experimental brands using raw cacao powder with unusual spices, herbs, plants etc. Definitely all of the companies I featured in my editorial deliver a high quality product that will appeal to different consumers. Origin is unique in many ways because they ethically source their beans from around the world. All of their wonderful bars have their own identity and completely different (complex) taste profiles. Robust flavour range include subtle hints of caramel, exotic fruits, nuts and spices.

What makes Origin so special is that there is only minimal amount of processing used in manufacturing. Certified organic ingredients are delicately ground/blended together in a traditional stone mill. Matt Chimenti’s primary objective was to create a mouth watering chocolate that is high in antioxidants and promotes cardiovascular health.

I love Origin Chocolate and am impressed (considering the quality) that they are still realistically priced. Even though all of the single origin variations (Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Madagascar etc.) are sensational, my personal favourite is the intense Peru 85%. Essentially Matt Chimenti has created an artisan product without resorting to any marketing gimmicks. Ultimately he lets his wonderful tasting healthy chocolate bars do all the talking.

For more information about Origin Chocolate follow this link

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