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Cocolea Furniture

Prior to establishing Total Design Reviews and writing books about luxury products I was massively involved in interior design. When I resided in the UK I bought several houses and renovated them meticulously. Two were actually featured in home style magazines, which was a massive compliment. Subsequently I worked as a consultant for many developers and gave advice on how to stage their properties. One crucial aspect of staging is the quality and aesthetic of the furniture. Normally this can really enhance someone’s home and certainly be a huge influencer when it comes to price. A person that specializes in this area is Cristian Cocolea who owns Cocolea Furniture.

Recently I became aware of Cocolea because of my passion for industrial and Aviator style furniture. By this term I mean items that are constructed from commercial materials like brass, steel, copper and aluminum. Well before this type of custom made furniture was readily available I had to design and commission bespoke pieces. From my personal experience I can tell you this is not only a lengthy process but can also be an exceptionally expensive one. That is why I am really impressed with the variety of products Cristian offers. It is also pertinent to mention that based on the quality I have seen, the items seem reasonably priced. For example, within their range they have an incredible King Size Chesterfield bed made from polished aluminum and leather which retails for $5,995AU (approximately $4,569).

On many occasions I have seen beautifully designed architectural homes that are presented with generic furniture. Personally it amazes me that clients would go to such lengths to create a distinctive residence without carefully considering crucial finishing touches. Fortunately, there are experts on hand like Cristian Cocolea who offer an interior design service. He can intuitively help customers select the ideal furniture to suit their décor, whether their house is large or small. This type of advice will not only enhance your daily living requirements but could also add serious dollar when you decide to sell.

At Cocolea Furniture there is a product to suit all tastes, rooms and budgets. For me some of the highlights are products like the Cocoon suspended fire, Maverick Aluminum Aviator Lounge, Falcon 7X Copper and Black Leather Lounge and Silvare Aluminum Console with Drawers. However, the company offers a massive selection of pieces that can be customized to the clients’ precise specifications. To compliment these signature pieces Cocolea Furniture also offer an impressive range of artwork, which is designed to make a bold statement in anyone’s home.

For more information about Cocolea Furniture and receive expert interior design advice follow this link

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