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‘No Grainer’ Paleo Bread

Previously one of my one great pleasures in life was eating copious amounts of fresh bread smothered with butter. Even though the experience was completely satisfying my gut microbiomes obviously didn’t agree. Generally, I encountered severe bloating, discomfort and fatigue. When I described these symptoms to a close friend of mine (who is a GP and nutritionist) she suggested going on a gluten/dairy free diet. The results were pretty instantaneous and as it transpires I have Coeliac disease.

Even though there are several gluten free breads available on the market they are generally bland and lack substance. In fact, normally they contain more sugar, a fraction of the fibre/protein and really don’t have the texture I crave for. That is why for the last 2 years I have totally eliminated bread from my diet and replaced it with more nutritional alternatives. However, recently I discovered a Melbourne based company called ‘No Grainer’ that handcrafts a superb grain free bread that is also amazingly delicious.

Like most micro food brands ‘No Grainer’ was born out of necessity. Sisters Jo and Sally Godfrey both suffered from bouts of acne, bloating and even Type 1 Diabetes. Like me their gut microbiomes have an aversion to gluten so they couldn’t eat grain based bread. However, as there were very few alternatives available on the market they decided to create their own. Personally, I applaud their initiative because their breads are absolutely fantastic and crammed full of protein.

Within the range there is a delectable classic almond loaf, satisfying mixed seed loaf and mouth watering date, raisin & walnut loaf. Each have their own unique identity that will appeal to different tastes. Although personally speaking I thoroughly enjoyed them all. What makes this bread truly special is the use of premium natural ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, organic raw honey, free range eggs, cold pressed coconut oil etc. ‘No Grainer’ ingredients are also sourced locally whenever possible. Certainly you won’t find any of the grains, starches, gums, preservatives found in other inferior products.

To quote the old adage “you get what you pay for” with ‘No Grainer’ and I would highly recommend their products to anyone. As the company evolves they are introducing a crowd pleasing Caraway Cob and a range of tantalising Paleo Scrolls topped with ‘Loving Earth’ dairy free chocolate.

For more information about ‘No Grainer’ follow this link

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