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Super Veloce Nero Carbonio 380

Over the last few months I have been doing extensive research for a book I am writing about dark chocolate. As the book features several global brands it has involved numerous calls to international destinations. However, I feel the time and effort has been thoroughly rewarding. As well as tasting some of world’s finest chocolate I have found the experience to be very informative. At this level it isn’t confectionary but an organic product with several health benefits. Interestingly a lot of the craft makers and farmers also are involved in the coffee trade. This doesn’t surprise me because cacao and coffee beans have very similar taste profiles.

In a similar way to chocolate my preferences have changed as I have got older. Nowadays I like 100% dark chocolate paired with a strong intense espresso. In my opinion these two products are a perfect combination. Based on the amount of global micro brands selling these indulgencies it seems a lot of consumers agree. That is why also sale of coffee machines have surged as well. Back in April (2017) I featured an absolutely phenomenal coffee machine appropriately named the Aviatore Veloce because it is scaled down replica of a jet engine. This wonderful concept was developed by talented design engineer Paolo Mastrogiuseppe.

Designers like Paolo Mastrogiuseppe really inspire me to be creative because they push the boundaries. In todays world consumers want something remarkable and Paolo’s company Super Veloce delivers this in abundance. One of his latest limited editions (380 pieces worldwide) is called the Nero Carbonio which, is inspired by engines from Grand Prix Formula 1 Cars. As well as looking beautiful this expresso machine is also pretty versatile. Essentially it can accommodate ground coffee capsules and also has an ingenious Grappa dispenser as well.

If like me, you really appreciate innovative design you will absolutely love the Nero Carbonio. This isn’t a generic mass produced factory made machine but more of a handcrafted multi functional piece of art (which is available in V8, V10 and V12 models). Every bespoke component (including the Engine V Bloc, Cylinder Heads, Cam Covers & Baseplate etc.) are meticulously fabricated from high performance materials like 316 Ti stainless steel, alloy and carbon fiber. The result is an astonishing and unique expresso machine that is built to last.

In my opinion the Nero Carbonio is an instant design classic that could potentially feature in museums for future generations to appreciate.

For more information about Super Veloce follow this link

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