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The Monday Food Co.

When I lived in the UK I was daunted by the prospect of driving three hours from Manchester to London. For a Brit it is hard to comprehend the sheer scale of Australia. In fact, if you take Russia out of the equation the land mass is actually larger than the rest of Europe. For that reason, I still haven’t visited several regions of this beautiful country. However, I was fortunate enough to visit Byron Bay a few years ago and will be returning again to this beautiful location for a family holiday.

As well as being perfectly situated on the borders of Queensland and New South Wales this region has a mild all year round temperature. It also has a really artistic vibe, which has attracted some of the countries best micro food producers. Certainly many companies that I have featured recently like Made with Raw Love, Chow Cacao, Byron Bay Muesli and Mindful Foods really promote healthy living. Another one of my personal favourites is ‘The Monday Food Co’ owned by the dynamic Indi Sutton. Recently Indi appeared on an Australian TV programme called ‘Shark Tank’ (similar to the UK’s ‘Dragon’s Den’) to raise capital to expand her business.

What makes The Monday Food Co. so unique and special is that they handcraft all their food in small batches. It is also gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, which massively appeals to me. Recently I got diagnosed with Coeliac disease and had to radically change my diet. However, Indi Sutton’s fantastic range of Paleo Granola’s has made this transition very easy. On ‘Shark Tank’ she describes making her gourmet food with love and that definitely is evident when tasting her delicious range of breakfast products. Not surprisingly, 800 stores nationwide in Australia now stock the full range of her tasty treats.

Within the Paleo Granola range there are five sensational and mouth watering varieties. Selections include Hazelnut, Fig & Cardamom, Pecan, Vanilla & Inca Berries, Macadamia & Cranberry, Mixed Nut & Wild Berry and a recent new addition Chocolate, Cherry & Hazelnut. I have tried them all (several times) and couldn’t pick a favourite as they all taste amazing in their own unique way. Since I last spoke to Indi she has also introduced a new line of Paleo cake and bread mixes.

Certainly if you love exceptionally healthy and flavorful food then trying The Monday Food Co is a must. For more information about the company and to buy these delicious products follow this link

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