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Recently I have completed my portion of a book I am co-writing with my US based editor Cheryl. The book is specifically about Australian Architecture and why it is so extraordinary. In the scheme of things Australia is a relatively young country in the context of modern development. It hasn’t got the grand historical buildings or temples found in regions like Europe or Asia. However, it does have some of the finest and largest contemporary residences in my opinion.

When my Pennsylvanian editor first floated the idea about writing a book focusing entirely on Australian architecture I was delighted. She envisioned a publication that offered the reader a huge amount of diversity. Therefore, I made it my mission to include homes from as many different regions as possible and of all shapes, sizes etc. As I was doing my research I also discovered a phenomenal company that fabricates bespoke doors and windows for a lot the architects I have featured. Their name is ARA Manufacture and they are located in my home state of South Australia.

Generally, what makes architect designed homes really stand out are those little refined details that general building companies normally don’t include. As architects work on many types of projects (commercial, retail, residential) they have access to a range of unusual features. ARA Manufacture specialise in unique products that go well beyond the norm. One of its most exclusive lines is the Monarch Renlita range of aluminium doors and windows that can be made to the client’s specific requirements.

One of my favourite sayings is “you get what you pay for” which is entirely true in ARA Manufacture’s case. Realistically if you want a premium glazing solution that is built to last then this company is an absolute must. All of their products including the innovative ‘All-Aluminium’ counterweight balanced door, are designed to withstand Australia’s unforgiving climates. Therefore, clients have complete assurance that their doors and windows will look fantastic for many years.

ARA Manufacture work with architects to achieve the perfect outcome for the client. Their superior technologically advanced aluminium bespoke doors and windows really elevate even the finest contemporary designed residences. Certainly if I was contemplating building my own dream home I would definitely recommend my architect incorporate their exclusive products into the overall design scheme.

For more information about ARA Manufacture and their ingenious products follow this link

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