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Troppo Architecture Fredrichstrasse House

Recently I have been working on a very exciting book project about Australian architecture featuring a diverse range of projects. The original idea was devised by myself and co author (editor) Cheryl who is based in Pennsylvania. She has always been fascinated by innovative building designs and especially from this region. Essentially the concept focuses on great architecture rather than famous architects. This means that the selections were all based entirely on merit. One of the fantastic residential properties featured in this book is Fredrichstrasse House by Troppo Architecture.

Troppo Architecture has offices in both South Australia and the Northern Territories. My main contact in the firm is director Phil Harris who has also written a very insightful forward for the ‘Australian Architecture’ book. Fredrichstrasse House might not be the largest, extravagant or most expensive property included in this edition. However, it does illustrate why (in my opinion) it is crucial to use an innovative creative professional or architect to design your home.

From the outset myself and co author Cheryl decided that the book wasn’t going to be primarily about ostentatious homes in Sydney and Melbourne. Certainly it would be easy to focus on these affluent regions but we felt it wouldn’t really offer the reader diversity. There are also many other areas like South Australia that have some notable offerings. A great example can be found in Friedrichstrasse House, which is located in the Adelaide suburb of Maylands.

Friedrichstrasse House may not be the largest or most extravagant property in South Australia. However, the building is exceptionally well designed and was a labour of love for owners. What makes the residence so distinctive is the use of materials like glass, metal, timber and rammed earth. This gives the property a really “über-cool” industrial aesthetic with serious curb appeal. Internally this theme is continued and the level of décor is presented to a really high specification. Certainly I would be very proud to call this phenomenal dwelling home.

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