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Byron Bay Craft Food Producers Part I

Over the last few years I have become absolutely fascinated with health and well being. This has prompted me to read many books and watch various documentaries relating to food. However, opinions massively vary and the guidelines are always changing on what is healthy. For the consumer this can be very misleading and confusing. One thing that most doctors and nutritionists do agree on is that the consumption of processed food is unhealthy. Eliminating this from your diet can definitely have profound results. Certainly on a personal level I have found this to be the case and now at the age of 50, I feel more energised than ever. Ultimately this has prompted me to publish several articles about this captivating subject.

Even though Australia is one of the most obese nations in the world there are numerous amazing craft producers. In fact, there are regions like Byron Bay that are a hub for gourmet food. Ultimately this is why it has enticed artisans from around the world to establish innovative micro brands in this picturesque region. Here are some great examples that I would definitely recommend.

2Die4 Live Foods

Like most micro brands 2die4 Live Foods started life as a small home kitchen enterprise. However, as demand for their high quality produce exceeded the business rapidly expanded. At this stage original founder Clive Lawler (who has subsequently left the firm) combined resources with Jon Henning and now have their own purpose built factory. As well as selling a range of high quality activated nuts they also craft some very interesting nutritious snack products. One of my favourites is called ‘OW! CACAO’ and is crammed full of healthy ingredients like nuts, seeds, buckwheat, cacao etc.

Peace, Love and Vegetables

Peace, Love and Vegetables is a really cool micro food brand that has an obsession for nutritious food. The company (which was established in 2011) is the brainchild of dynamic duo Anya and Adam. All their foods are completely handcrafted from local fresh ingredients to ensure the maximum flavour. Therefore, it is no surprise tasty products like their Sauerkraut, probiotic packed cashew cheese, coconut kefir and superior oils are available at leading health stores nationwide.

Byron Bay Alive Foods

Byron Bay Alive Foods was created by owners David and Anna because of their passion for general well being. As a child Anna suffered from digestive problems and various stomach ailments. Once she discovered fermented foods she never looked back and this is now an integral part of her business. Certainly products like the French Beetroot, Kim Chi and Sauerkraut are some of the finest I have ever tasted. I am also a huge fan of their moorish Tigernut range.

Mindful Foods

Mindful Foods originally started life in the kitchen of founders Georgie and James. Essentially they manufactured small hand labelled batches for friends and word rapidly spread. Within a small amount of time the company grew exponentially and now their gourmet products are sold in many exclusive national retail outlets. I absolutely love their nuts and gluten/dairy free vegan granola. However, their signature product has to be the delectable and appropriately named ‘Yummy Beans’.

Byron Bay Honey

For the last 24 years Horst and Susanne Tietze have been producing an exceptionally high quality range of delicious honey. All of their bees collect nectar from the rainforests and coastal regions of Northern New South Wales. The company never uses imported ingredients or inferior blends and that is clearly evident when you taste their amazing products. Within the range there are many enticing varieties like Eucalypt (Ironbark, Redgum, Spotted Gum, Stringy Bark, Teak, Cudgery) Brushbox and Macadamia Nut.

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