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The ‘Magnificent Taste of Mānuka Honey’ Part I

In my youth I really wasn’t that discerning about what went into my stomach. In fact, during my university years I frequented many fast food joints and consumed huge volumes of processed food. Ultimately I viewed this as a right of passage and was pretty complacent about the whole affair. The fact, I suffered from bouts of acne, lack of concentration and bloating didn’t seem to bother me. However, as a 50 year old father of an eight year old I strive to upkeep my general health and well being as an integral part of my life.

As I a writer, looking for interesting and unique content is a crucial part of my job. I also love fine food and in particular unprocessed products with natural ingredients. That is why the topic of Mānuka honey really fascinates me. Originally this variety of honey was introduced to Australia (Tasmania) and New Zealand by European bees. In New Zealand (where most of the honey is manufactured) regulations about labelling are very stringent. Essentially 70% of the overall pollen content should come from the Mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). Here are a range of small craft producers that create the highest grade and most delicious variety of Mānuka honey available on the market.

Taylor Pass

Taylor Pass is an award winning company situated in the picturesque region of Blenheim, New Zealand. After 14 years of exceptionally hard work (with their own and local beekeepers) the business has grown exponentially and they are now one of the largest manufacturers on the South Island. As well as selling their products to the domestic market they also distribute it worldwide. Within the range there are three different varieties of UMF® Mānuka honey to choose from (5+, 10+, 15+). I have personally tasted all of them and absolutely loved the rich, bold, dense flavor.

For more information about Taylor Pass visit their website: https://www.taylorpasshoney.co.nz/


Manukora is a high quality honey producer that is located in Matamata, New Zealand. The company was established in 1998 and is the brainchild of Bryce Hooton. After practicing beekeeping for over 10 years Bryce made a leap of faith and started his own business. The rest (as they say) is history and their high quality Mānuka honey is now sold via strategic networks worldwide. All of their delicious products are UMF® rated and are available in several different sizes. Even though I only got to taste a small selection, the honey was mightily impressive.

For more information about Manukora visit their website: https://manukora.com/

Tai Tokerau

Tai Tokerau is an uncompromising business that is exceptionally proud of its kaitiakitanga heritage and has a strong affiliation with the land. The brand is dedicated to making some of the best honey available and is located in Kaitaia, North Island, New Zealand. When purchasing products from this company you really are getting a true ‘hive to jar’ experience. This is backed by UMF® certification on all the amazing Mānuka honey (5+, 10+, 15+, 20+) within the range. Certainly I truly enjoyed tasting the subtle flavor profiles of each of the  varieties.

For more information about Tai Tokerau visit their website: https://www.taitokerauhoney.co.nz


Impressively Onuku Limited is a 100% Maori owned company that prides itself on traditional values and is located in Whakatane, New Zealand. The business was established by Hayden and Les Stowell in 2016. Within a short amount of time the brand has developed a strong retail presence locally and in regions like Europe, Asia, North America etc. Ultimately this rapid expansion has been due to a combination of hard work, honesty, integrity and meticulous attention to detail. Certainly I was incredibly impressed with the robust flavor of each UMF® Mānuka honey (5+, 10+, 15+, 20+) within the range.

For more information about Onuku Limited visit their website: https://onukuhoney.co.nz

Egmont Honey Ltd

Egmont Honey Ltd is a family owned beekeeping company that derives its name from a imposing mountain that overlooks the region. The brand which is based in South Taranaki, New Zealand is owned by father/son team Toby and James Annabell. Combining their different skill sets in rural and corporate sectors they have developed a sustainable, ethical business. Within the range they have an extensive selection of mouthwatering UMF® Mānuka honey (5+, 10+,12+, 15+, 20+, 23+) and other exciting health products. I only tried a few varieties but thoroughly enjoyed the rich, dense texture.

For more information about Egmont Honey Ltd visit their website: https://www.egmonthoney.co.nz

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