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The ‘Magnificent Taste of Mānuka Honey’ Part II

Even though Australia is a comparatively expensive country to live in there are certain advantages. For example, mobile phone plans are phenomenally competitive and this enables me to frequently call the UK. Recently I spoke with one of my best friends in England and told her about a series of forthcoming articles I am writing entitled The ‘Magnificent Taste of Mānuka Honey’. Amazingly she had never heard of this variety of honey which is exceptionally popular in Australia and New Zealand. However, now that I have explained what makes this product so special she is seriously interested.

Up until very recently I had only tasted a few varieties of Manuka honey and probably (like most novices) thought it all had a similar flavour. However, I have been massively surprised at the range of different floral flavour profiles available. Here are five more New Zealand based companies that perfectly illustrate this point.  

Kāre Limited

Kāre Limited is a small business that is located on a secluded farm in beautiful Bay of Islands in North Island, Aotearoa New Zealand. The company is privately owned and is operated by an intimate team of passionate food appreciators. Ultimately their philosophy is to promote general heath and well being. That is why they are meticulous about all their wonderful gourmet honey products. Within the range there are different grades of Manuka (10+, 15+ and 20+ activity levels) and a special selection of delicious ‘Super Honey’s.

For more information about Kāre Limited visit their website: http://kare.co.nz

Ka Noa

Ka Noa is a small brand situated in the spectacular location of Papamoa (Bay of plenty) situated on New Zealand’s North Island. The company was founded by lifelong friends Joseph and trained beekeeper Linus. Both of these dynamic personalities are very focused on organic health and nature orientated products. Essentially this has inspired them to make high grade single source UMF® Mānuka Honey in small batches. This ensures the purest unique tastes that is designed for the discerning gourmet.

For more information about Ka Noa visit their website: http://kanoamanuka.com

Pure New Zealand Honey

Pure New Zealand Honey is located in the industrial suburb of Washdyke, Timaru onNew Zealand’s South Island. The business is managed by enigmatic Chief Executive Sean Goodwin. Prior to joining the company Sean worked in the corporate sector for PepsiCo Snacks, Cadbury and Unilever. He is also the Deputy Chair of Apiculture NZ and works with local beekeepers to craft the finest honey. As well as creating high grade Manuka honey they also produce some interesting flavours like blackcurrant and lemon & ginger.

For more information about Pure New Zealand Honey visit their website: http://www.purenewzealandhoney.com

J. Friend & Co

Friend & Co is a small artisan brand situated in the popular city of Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. The company was founded in 2008 by Sharon Woodnorth, who desired to return life to honey and dignity to the craft local beekeeper. Within the last nine years they have harvested and produced several distinctive small batch varieties. Ultimately this is why their delicious honey has refined floral flavours that are often lacking in more commercialized products. Within the range there are 14 different honeys to choose from including some high grade Manuka’s.

For more information about J. Friend & Co visit their website: http://www.nzartisanhoney.co.nz/

Mountain Gold

Mountain Gold is situated at the base of the picturesque Tararua ranges in New Zealand’s North Island. The company is the brainchild of self taught beekeepers Debbie and Freddi Keil. Over the years the family business has thrived because they are dedicated to quality rather than mass production. This means they manufacture in very small batches and know the origin of all their artisan honey. The brand sells many different grades of fine quality and scrumptious Manuka online (available in 250 gram/500 gram jars) ranging from MG 83+ to MG 220.

For more information about Mountain Gold visit their website: http://mountaingoldmanuka.nz


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