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Eves & Gray Furniture Range

Generally, in my spare time I really enjoy perusing real estate property websites to look at aspirational homes. Certainly in South Australia (where I reside) there are many generic residences that are pretty formulaic. Normally these building are formed around a cheap timber frame and clad with various materials like brick, rendering, stone etc. However, at the higher end of the market I have found some extraordinary architecture. A primary example is a dwelling located near Adelaide hills that was designed by renowned Melbourne architects Wood Marsh. This seemingly floating curved structure is composed of concrete, glass, metal and timber. Internally the aesthetic is also very minimalistic but interestingly the present custodians have chosen vibrant touches like deep purple carpet. This colour is my personal favourite and has become synonymous with UK footwear company Eves & Gray.

At a youthful age of 37 Eves & Gray founder Tim Waring has managed to accomplish a lot with his brand. Ultimately this is down to his dynamic and progressive approach to the business. Rather than reinventing the wheel he has created a modern twist on a timeless classic. This is the age of the ‘Metrosexual’ man and Tim has really embraced it. A few years ago (as a male) it would have been considered  unusual (or artistic) to wear a pair of bright purple suede loafers (‘Caius’). However, because of exciting new design labels like Eves & Gray it is now totally acceptable.

As well as producing an exquisite range of high quality men’s and women’s shoes Eves & Gray have started a line of stylish British made furniture. Essentially Tim has adopted the same effective strategy used in his footwear by revitalising the classic Chesterfield. Presently there are a few different sizes and Italian fabrics, leathers etc. to chose from. However, Tim has intimated that he has big plans for 2018. Personally I would like to see some bright purple leather chairs and sofas introduced to the range. Certainly these bold colours would really resonate with the company’s target market.

For more information about Eves & Gray’s fantastic new furniture range follow this link

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