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Glorious Gourmet Honey

A few weeks ago I published several articles about Manuka honey and became pretty captivated by the subject. Although a lot of corporates have purchased expensive UMF (Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association) licenses to enable them to sell this product I mainly focused on small apiaries. These New Zealand beekeepers pride themselves on creating only the highest quality product.

Mānuka honey is widely associated with New Zealand and certainly more heavily promoted in this region. However, Leptospermum scoparium (Mānuka) is also found in Tasmania and is sold be small beekeepers. The results are very impressive and I wanted to celebrate their talents in separate stand alone article. Ultimately this is because they also produce many other unusual varieties of delicious honey as well.

Ben’s Bees

Ben’s Bees is a small company located in the picturesque Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. The business is owned by bee expert Ben Moore who operates a specialist pollination service. He also offers safe sustainable swarm removal state wide to eliminate danger from the situation. However, I was impressed with his extensive range of raw local honey produced in his own small apiary. Varieties include Macadamia, creamed and Bomboniere – Bomboniera. Ben also sells gourmet Leatherwood honey and Almond Nougat at his local market.

J. Friend and Co

J. Friend and Co is a micro artisan Australian/New Zealand based honey company dedicated to created the highest quality products. The business is owned/operated by beekeeping fanatics Sharyn Woodnorth and Jeremy Friend. What really makes their honey so spectacular is the method of production. All the honey they craft is kept in a natural state and only extracted when the hives are absolutely bursting with nectar. I tried several of their wonderful varieties like Leatherwood. Orange Blossom, Iron Bark and Yellow Box. Even though they only come in tiny jars the taste was incredibly potent.

AB’s Honey

AB’s Honey is a gourmet craft producer that is synonymous for creating delicious honey. The firm is owned by David Baldwin and is located in Capalaba, Queensland, Australia. Impressively the hub of the business is operated from state of the art premises, which ensures an exceptionally clean working environment. Their bees source honey from Six hundred different species of Eucalyptus trees, which flourish in the forests of Queensland and New South Wales. This enable the company to sell only the freshest, rich textured local raw honey possible.

Australia’s Manuka Pty. Ltd

The trade name Australia’s Manuka Pty. Ltd is owned by passionate beekeeper and honey expert Michael Howes. Since 1996 Michael has run Tyagarah Apiaries which is a well established family owned business located in Byron Bay. Impressively the company prides itself by only producing the highest quality medical grade honey to Australia and the world. Certainly their phenomenal range of cold extracted Active Jelly Bush honey’s (MGO 85+ – 515+) have a rich distinctive taste like no other.

Honey Tasmania

Honey Tasmania is located in the small town of Exeter, which is approximately 24 kilometres north of the city of Launceston. The company is the brainchild of Tristan and Rebecca who are absolutely passionate about great honey. That is why they have opened a trendy shop called the Beekeeper. Essentially this allows the customer to experience over 15 delectable raw honeys made by millions of bees from their own hives. Certainly I was impressed with all of their floral varieties including their own distinctive Manuka.

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