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Stührling Original Emperor’s Grandeur 127A

Every morning I like start the day with a long 10km (6 mile) walk around our local lake. Not only does it release those crucial endorphins but it also helps me devise concepts for books, articles, jacket and watch designs. I find good music is a great relaxer and is an integral part of my routine. As well as favourite tracks from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye etc. I also listen to really a cool music collective called Brooklyn Funk Essentials. In my opinion their 1995 album called ‘Cool and Steady and Easy’ is phenomenal and epitomises the mood (at the time) in this emerging city. Certainly 20 years ago Brooklyn was the trendy and vibrant hub it is today. However, Henry Fischer chose this location to establish his global watch brand Stührling Original.

Over the last few years I have written articles for brands, retailers, magazines and produced books for global publishers. On top of this I am the only author who has co-designed and manufactured three bespoke Swiss mechanical watches. This has given me a rare insight into the world of horology is and the seismic changes that are occurring in the industry. These days, consumers are shopping around a lot more to get the best deal. This new demographic are more concerned about achieving the look rather than the engineering that is powering the watch. Don’t get me wrong I feel they still want a quality product but other factors are also equally important. That is a company like Stührling Original has enormous relevance in todays market.

Stührling Original are not trying to reinvent the wheel and not pretentious about their goals. For example, their distinctive looking Emperor’s Grandeur 127A has the aesthetic of a Bovet without the unattainable price tag. Details like the 49mm 316L stainless case, Dauphine-Style hands, decorated Onion Crown with Cabochon give the piece a refined appearance. However, my personal favourite feature is the ornate open worked skeletonised dial with a highly distinctive moon phase indication. Sure the 22-jewel ST-91011 (Seagull) dual time movement isn’t Swiss made and neither is the crystal sapphire (Krysterna). However, for a price of $254.95 I feel you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.

For more information about Stührling Original and their exciting range of watches follow this link


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