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‘Luxury Design for Living’ Book

As I mentioned previously the idea for my ‘Limited Edition Watches’ book was shaped on a return flight back from Zurich (after visiting Baselworld) to Dubai. As a stoke of good fortune I happened to be seated next to a charming gentleman called Chettha Songthaveepol. He is based in Thailand and the Editor/Chairman of QP Magazine.  We had an enormous amount in common and talked about various collaborations. One of the concepts we discussed was a project about unique timepieces with an advertising component. Essentially this would mean brands would pay money for editorial content. Crucially this is not what I envisioned so I pitched the idea to another global publisher called Schiffer Books. They were very receptive and the rest (as they say) is history.

After completing the my ‘Limited Edition Watches’ book for Schiffer I also changed the name of my website from Total Watch Reviews to Total Design Reviews. Ultimately this gave me scope to write about many other topics like architecture, interiors, lifestyle, technology, automobiles etc. It also prompted me to devise another book idea about the fascinating world of luxury design. When I presented a detailed outline of the concept to Schiffer they were very enthusiastic to proceed forward with the project.

Early on in the project we decided on a working title called ‘Luxury Design for Living’ (which actually remained). Essentially the book is formed into 4 different chapter, which are: Architecture, Automobiles, Horology and Lifestyle. To make the content interesting I did an extensive amount of research to include a diverse range of products. For example, there is a carbon fiber hammock style bath (Splinterworks), a car engine inspired iPod docking station (iXoost) 3D printed furniture by Janne Kyttanen. There are some of the world’s finest watches, residential homes, yachts and high performance super cars included in this edition.

One of true pleasures about being an author for Schiffer Books is the amount of creative autonomy allowed. Impressively they have been faithful to my original concept and published an exceptionally high quality coffee style book for the discerning reader. Certainly if you are as passionate about modern style as I am you will love some of the inclusions. Even though most of the products/homes are exclusive they are not overtly ostentatious for the sake of it. The reason I chose them was purely based on merit and because they push the boundaries of innovative design.

To purchase ‘Luxury Design for Living’ directly from Schiffer Books follow this link

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