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Cañas Arquitectos Indios Desnudos House

Presently work is being carried out to transform the façade of our home in South Australia. Even though the residence has a contemporary appearance it is generic and typical of a lot of houses in the region. Ultimately that is why I devised a radical design theme that was also reasonably affordable. Previously, I have renovated several properties in the UK and have a general passion for architecture. That is what prompted me to write several books about the subject.

It is fair to say that like most people I would love to design and build my own dream home. This ambition isn’t going to materialise unless I have a huge lottery win. However, it doesn’t stop me from writing about the fortunate few who do manage to create their own residential masterpiece. A great example is Indios Desnudos House located in the picturesque region of Península Papagayo, Costa Rica. This magnificent contemporary residence is the vision of Cañas Arquitectos.

Certainly Costa Rica the first place that comes to mind when I think of ground breaking architecture. However, there is no disputing that Indios Desnudos is a world class property worthy of editorial coverage. This project is testament to the enormous skills of Victor Cañas, Andrés Cañas, Ricardo Chaves and Sara Araya. What they have created is an elevated geometric structure which has spectacular panoramic views of the sea and surrounding landscape.

Externally Indios Desnudos maximises the use reflective materials like glass and water. If you love minimalistic architecture as much as I do, then you will absolutely love this property. What makes this home so spectacular is ingenious angular design with a dramatic sloping roof and cantilevered decking area. Ultimately this puts it in the same league as other properties (designed by prominent architects) I have featured previously on Total Design Reviews. As you would expect the clean lines are continued internally and the specification is first class.

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