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Boomerang Watches Sunbeam Collection

Now that Baselworld has finished brands will be able to draw breath and resume a relative sense of normality again. Even though the show was significantly smaller than previous years the level of creativity certainly wasn’t stifled. In my opinion the overall uncertainty and turbulence in the industry has forced brands to operate outside their comfort zone. Even the large corporates delivered some unpredictable offerings. However, in my highlights all of the mechanical marvels (with the exception of two watches) were well beyond the consumer’s budgets.

Over the last few years I have tried to include a reasonable quota of affordable to offerings to illustrate that good design doesn’t always have to be massively expensive. Another way for brands to keep costs down is to sell directly either via their own websites or crowdfunding campaigns. The latter has proved a very effective strategy especially where the product is under the $1,000 threshold. A great example is Boomerang Watches that operate from offices in New York City, United States.

My primary contact in Boomerang Watches has been with dynamic entrepreneurial owner Harry Attisa. As well as designing pretty cool timepieces he also has several other business interests. Presently the company has several Swiss quartz watches that are very distinctive. However, as my preference is always mechanical the Sunbeam automatic timepieces are the ones I would opt for. To keep the price at reasonable level Harry has equipped it with a quality Japanese Miyota 9015 movement rather than a more expensive Swiss alternative.

For a gentleman a fine timepiece is a perfect expression of their personality. I would describe the Sunbeam as an everyman’s watch because will appeal to a broad variety of discerning customers. The overall vintage inspired aesthetic is perfectly balanced and the classical three hand black dial with raised gold indexes is refined. Certainly this stylish timepiece could be worn for most occasions both formal and casual. The only exception is extreme sports or rigorous water based activities.

In my final year at University I wrote a dissertation about Cary Grant and his profound influence on light comedy. Therefore, I feel it is an inspired touch that has featured this film icon as part of his marketing strategy.

To follow Boomerang Watches Kickstarter Campaign, follow this link

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