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Allen Hsieh Lucky Egg Watch Winder

Apart from being a massive admirer of Maximilian Büsser creative expertise I also love the contemporary gallery he has established. The aptly named M.A.D. Gallery is a wonderful creative outlet that exhibits a range of horological masterpieces and eclectic artwork. This is where I initially became aware of an amazing watch winder called the Lucky Egg. I was also impressed to find out that the inventor hasn’t got any industrial design experience. This prompted me to contact Allen Hsieh the visionary behind this project.


Prior to this I have only ever written one article about watch winders and that was a North American company called Ambrelus. Their Dreadnought totally captivated me and I feel it is a truly remarkable device. The Lucky Egg also has the same allure and is a wonderful example of great product design. Initially Allen Hsieh created this instrument because there was nothing else available on the market that served his purpose. It is fair to say that Allen is a discerning watch collector who seems to favour more avant-garde pieces from companies like Cabestan, MB & F and Urwerk. This probably inspired the modernistic aesthetic of the Lucky Egg. What makes this product so different is that it randomly (like a pinball machine) fires a small metal ball to select the watch of the day.


Visually the lucky egg has a striking contemporary glossy white minimalistic (almost sculptural) appearance. Dimensionally this device measures 65cm (width) x 90cm (depth) x 55cm (height). Therefore this piece will make a bold design statement in anyone’s home. Presently the watch winder is hand crafted from steel and FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), which is normally used to construct car body kits and yachts. However Allen Hsieh is happy to experiment with different materials like carbon, magnesium, brushed aluminum or even precious metals if that is what the customer desires.


It goes without saying that the Lucky Egg is designed specifically for serious watch collectors and that is reflected in the $12,000 price tag.

For more information about Allen Hsieh visit his website: http://allen-hsieh.com

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