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Hampered Byron Bay

Australia is a truly amazing country to live in and I am massively proud to call it my home. Literally two weeks ago we celebrated our 6th anniversary in Adelaide with friends and can’t believe how quickly time has passed. When I lived in the UK soap opera’s like Neighbours and Home and Away depicted a perpetual outdoor life. Although in many ways these dramas are not realistic there is a certain amount of accuracy. For example, friends do regularly have barbeques and within the provincial cities, wonderful beaches are abundant. Another really crucial point is that there is plenty of phenomenal food available. A brilliant example is popular seaside town Byron Bay, which is located on the South Eastern tip of New South Wales.

Even though I have only visited Byron Bay once it left an indelible impression on me. This was the catalyst to write many articles about gourmet food producers in this area. The best way to describe Byron is as a scaled down version of California. Certainly, in terms of innovation, it definitely punches well above its weight. Genuinely I have tasted some of the finest produce anywhere on the planet. This factor inspired the owners Sean (original founder) Tracy and Paul to establish their own company in the region called Hampered Byron Bay.

Whilst researching for my series of articles entitled ‘Byron Bay Craft Producers’ I became aware of Hampered Byron Bay. The concept behind the brand is to package the finest produce from the region (Byron/Northern Rivers) in a beautiful personalized picnic-style hamper. Many of the goodies included may not be familiar to consumers and that’s what makes this experience even more special. It also supports local business growth, which is a great initiative for the area.

As well as tailoring a range of exquisite local products like coffee, chocolate, nuts, condiments, beers, and gin the company also present them in wonderful handmade cases. These originally were co-designed by Sean and Melbourne company by Trunk & Orderly. However, Hampered Byron Bay has expanded the business due to popular demand and will be manufacturing their own cases in-house. Certainly, they remind me of English case from my childhood and are a perfect keepsake.

Whether you want to enjoy a romantic picnic or organize a corporate function Hampered Byron Bay can deliver a personalized solution. For more information about the company and their vast range of gourmet products follow this link

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