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Eveia AF

A few years ago I had a freak tennis accident that dramatically changed my life. Essentially I shattered my wrist (in several places) and broke my neck of the femur. As a consequence, I was unable to walk and actually ended up in a wheelchair for over 6-months. Rather than get depressed about my predicament it became the catalyst to change my lifestyle and analyze my diet. Four years down the path (after reading books about healthy eating) I am now 20kg lighter and feel more creatively focused than ever. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have an occupation that is flexible as mine and so other motivators need to apply. One of these is an innovative active footrest created by acclaimed designer Vincent Fourdrinier.

When Vincent first mentioned this concept to people it was treated with cynicism. However, he has proved all of the critic’s wrong by smashing his target on popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. In fact, with 21-days to go (time of writing this article) he has already secured 39 backers. Ultimately this is because Vincent is a multi-talented versatile industrial designer with over 20-years experience under his belt. As well as developing revolutionary products like the active footrest (under the label Eveia) he has also created stylish furniture and some extraordinary Swiss mechanical timepieces.

In my opinion, the concept of the Eveia AF (active footrest) is pretty ingenious. Essentially in normally sedentary environments like an office or at home watching TV, this device allows you to be active. To make things even simpler there is a mobile APP with Bluetooth connectivity which can be connected to your smartphone or on your smartwatch. As an added bonus It is also compatible with HealthKit (Apple iOS) and Google Fit (Android). These programmes track daily activity to help the user realize their daily goals.

Normally people need certain motivators to assist them in making the necessary changes health changes required. One of my favorite sayings is ‘Ripples in a Pond’ which effectively means a chain reaction. The Eveia AF is a phenomenally clever device which can assist enhanced cognitive productivity, improved circulation, muscle strength, general well being etc. It can also contribute to weight loss but only if factors, like diet and exercise, are taken into consideration. Certainly, I am a keen advocate of an invention that can reduce global pandemics like obesity, cardiac-related diseases, and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Eveia AF has incorporated patented ‘Flywheel’ technology, which creates the illusion of zero motion. Another cool feature is this ingenious 7KG portable device can easily be transported to different locations. It also looks very stylish and as well as state of the art technology Vincent has also paid strict attention to the aesthetic value. In fact, the sculpted façade looks very cool and in no way obtrusive at all. Even in the smallest office or dwelling, you would be proud to display this product.

Presently the AF is available in various color combinations depending on taste and estimated production has been outlined for November 2018. To follow the campaign and purchase this marvelous product follow this link

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