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Herman Brot

Prior to being diagnosed with Coeliac disease a few years ago, I was pretty fanatical about bread. Whilst I was at University in the late 1980’s this high carb food was probably my staple. In fact, I devoured literally half a loaf every meal time and massively enjoyed the experience. At this stage (due to youthful naivety) I didn’t worry about bloating, stomach cramps and constant fatigue. Now in my early fifties, I am much more discerning about my diet. Ultimately this became the catalyst for reading several health books and promoting like-minded brands. A great example can be found in Queensland based company Herman Brot.

Over the years many doctors have promoted a low daily carbohydrate intake because it achieves results. Essentially this is the route I took because the gluten-free alternatives lacked fiber and protein but actually contained more sugar. Therefore, by default, my weight reduced by 24 kilograms (approximately 53 pounds) and now I am a very slim 6’2” 50-year old. I also feel more positive and am more focused than ever. This is a lifestyle that the owner (Christian Coenen) of Herman Brot subscribes to but it hasn’t always been that way.

In recent conversations with Christian, he was very candid about some of his lifestyle choices. Essentially Christian describes himself as a stress eater and attributes that to a significant weight gain. Amazingly Christian weighed in at 150 KG (331 pounds) with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 47.49, which is classed as obese. Subsequently, this triggered him to make several dietary changes and also inspired him to create many healthy products. Certainly, Herman Brot pasta, bread and muesli (based on a price to weight ratio) are the highest protein source available on the market.

These days Christian’s primary objective is producing exceptionally healthy foods without compromising on the taste front. This is why he is working closely with SUGiRS (Sydney University) who have endorsed Herman Brot’s goods for diabetes sufferers. Even though I don’t eat bread these days I have tasted their amazing low carb bread, which contains over 25% protein. It is dense and therefore, you only require a couple of slices to energize you for hours. Out of all their products, my personal favorite is their delectable Protein Muesli and in particular the Peanut Candy flavor. A small helping of this nutritious breakfast will help the urge to habitual snack throughout the day.

Presently Herman Brot products are available in most supermarkets nationwide (Australia). However, in the future Christian has plans to exponentially expand the business and potentially develop strategic global partnerships. For more information about the company follow this link

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