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The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co.

Recently in Australia, there has been a lot of controversy concerning the origin of Aboriginal paintings. Over the last few year’s demands has increased exponentially and some unscrupulous people are exploiting the situation. A few days ago I watched a very insightful interview with Stan Yarramunua who as a youth made some foolish choices. He massively turned his life around and now owns several galleries in Melbourne. All the paintings he sells are authentic and the proceeds go to the indigenous artist. Certainly, there are many counterfeit works flooding the market so it is crucial to know the provenance. The same parallel can be made in the world of horology and that is why it is essential you purchase a watch from a reliable source.

Many of my friends (around the world) ask my advice on a regular basis where to buy cheap watches. Certainly, most of us are looking for a bargain but sometimes this can be a false economy. I have heard of many instances where buyers have been fixated purely on cost and have come massively unstuck. They have bought a timepiece from an unqualified source without investigating the authenticity of the company. In many cases, a replica has arrived or it doesn’t even resemble the watch illustrated in the description. My advice is to adhere to the famous proverb ‘If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is’.

Over the years I have dealt with many retailers and The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. is amongst the best. Their boutique is located in the prestigious tourist district of Old Downtown Scottsdale in Arizona, United States. For over 30-years married couple Don and Jill Edwards have developed a solid reputation for themselves built on professional integrity. This dynamic team is completely customer focused and realize the importance of a personalized service. By coincidence, my good friend Frank Heydrich (who co-designed my Polaris watch and trust implicitly) recently took some rings to be repaired. He said the service was absolutely first rate and would highly recommend the business.

The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. deal at the high end of the market and stock exclusive pre-owned watches by familiar favorites like Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Panerai, 
Breitling, IWC etc. All the companies cherished timepieces are guaranteed authentic and retail at a fraction of suggested market price. Certainly, this (and Frank Heydrich’s endorsement) incentivized me to purchase a watch directly from them. When my timepiece arrived via FedEx it was exactly as described and in perfect working order.

As well as having an immense passion for horology Co-owner Don Edward also is a devout family man and involved in several philanthropic causes. For example, he works for non-profit organizations like Diabetes, Inc. and Tanner’s Kids to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. Scottsdale has a close-knit community so honesty, integrity, and professionalism are crucial to establishing a sustainable business. It today’s digital world it is really impressive that The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. achieved such longevity in a highly competitive retail industry. However, for me, it underscores how much consumers still value professional advice and dealing with real people.

There are many reasons why I decided to use The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. as a test case to illustrate the importance of purchasing from a reputable retailer. Not only has the company got a large inventory of beautiful timepieces and fine jewelry they also have experienced watch restorer on site. Ultimately If you are investing hard earned money in buying a watch you want absolute reassurance it is authentic. Trust me this will save you a lot of heartache, stress, and aggravation in the long run.

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