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Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security System

In the last 6 years (since moving to Australia) I have really come to appreciate the most important things in life. As a father and a husband, the key priority is ensuring my families general well being. Ultimately this means purchasing reliable safe cars and a dependable security system. Like most people, we have smoke detectors installed and a decent enough burglar alarm. We also have a private intercom with an integrated camera. However, in the modern world sometimes these precautionary measures are still not enough. That is why I was intrigued to learn about the Arlo Pro 2 from Netgear.

About a fortnight ago I reviewed Netgear’s innovative Orbi WiFi System, which has massively improved my internet speed. Based on this experience I was very keen to review and test the Arlo Pro 2. Like most people ease of use is a massive asset and this product is pretty simple to install. Literally, once you have decided where you want to situate the 3 cameras it is simply a matter of attaching them to the brackets (provided).

A few years ago the resolution of security cameras wasn’t that sharp on most affordable systems. However, for around $1,000AU you can purchase the Arlo Pro 2 system, which comes with 3 x 1080 High definition cameras. They are also completely weatherproof and so can be positioned internally or externally depending on your preference. Really this security monitoring solution is about as simple as it gets. Additionally, the device can be used wirelessly or plugged in, the batteries are completely rechargeable and there is also a 2-Way Audio function.

Simplicity is the key to most successful inventions and the Arlo Pro 2 perfectly illustrates this point. Once the exact position of the cameras has been decided you can monitor these zones live via a smartphone, tablet or computer. A few years ago these type of technological advances would have been absolutely inconceivable. I also really like the cohesive design which should appeal to even pure minimalists. The scale is also conducive to modern living and these cameras really are a discreet security solution. Certainly, I would recommend this amazing product to anyone.

For more information about the Arlo Pro 2 Security System follow this link

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