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Becoming a father at the ripe old age of 42 is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Even though there is a huge age gap between myself and son we still connect very well. Ultimately this is because he is very interested in design, sports, and fitness. I am also a person who has embraced new technology and that is crucial to my job. The digital environment we live in today is completely different to what encountered as a child. However, I still feel that basic skills are relevant and shouldn’t be undervalued. That is why I still hand sketch a lot of concepts on paper using pencils, pens, and rulers.

In my capacity as a writer/author, all my work is produced digitally using programmes like Microsoft Word. That is why it is sometimes difficult to explain to my son the relevance of handwriting. In the same way that a mechanical watch is mesmerizing to view there is also something really special about a handcrafted pen. Recently I became aware of a fantastic boutique brand called Opus Mechan than specialize in bespoke writing instruments for the connoisseur.

As an artist, I always appreciate designers that go the extra mile to produce something extraordinary. Certainly, Dale Penkala fits into this category because he is fanatical about fine detail. For most of Dale’s working life he was a tool-and-die maker based in Saginaw, Michigan. With a music professor father (who made his own guitars) and grandfather that restored mechanical watches, he was inspired to start producing his own pens in 2010. Subsequently, Dale joined forces with dynamic jeweler Isaac Hannosh and they established an exciting new company called Opus Mechan.

There are several renowned companies that produce exclusive pens but few that are as obsessive about detail as Dale Penkala. In a recent conversation with he confessed that sometimes design concepts keep him awake at night. Unequivocally this level of dedication and passion is evident when you view some of Opus Mechan’s sensational pens. All of the writing instruments are meticulously handcrafted and you really do get what you pay for. Within the ranges, my particular favorites are the Steampunk and horological inspired pieces. These exquisite creations contain elements like aluminum and copper foil, layered with mechanical watch parts. The overall effect is pretty striking and these are pens are true collectibles. However, it is also very important to reinforce these exquisite creations also have significant functional value.

Presently Opus Mechan has a collection called La Perla, which uses authentic jewelry grade Abalone. In the future, the company wants to raise the bar even higher and have plans to use precious metals (silver, gold, platinum etc.) combined with diamonds. Essentially Dale Penkala will work with clients to deliver the perfect bespoke solution. Certainly, I am excited to see how this unfolds and am confident that the brand will push the boundaries of exclusive pen making.

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