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Adelia Fine Foods

Every morning after the school drop of I visit my local library and peruse through various magazines. One of my favourites is ‘Men’s Health’ because the content is quite diverse. Even though there is general advice on how to develop muscle mass it also great nutritional advice. The consensus these days is that a low carbohydrate diet is an effective way to stay healthy. That is why a lot of the recipes are high protein and devoid of processed ingredients. Most of the experts say that the right fats (Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated) are also crucial to general well being. Certainly, I subscribe to that philosophy and the results over the last few years (since being diagnosed with Coeliac disease) have been profound.

For me, breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day and my main source of calories. Therefore, it is integral that the ingredients are energy efficient to avoid hunger pangs later in the day. That is why I would recommend purchasing products from companies like Adelia Fine Foods. Originally I became aware of their delicious range of Granolas on a visit to my local independent supermarket. This prompted me to immediately contact the owners to learn more about their business.

Adelia Fine Foods like many other micro brands (I have featured) was born out of necessity in 2013. Essentially owners Adam and Amelia Trethowan (Adelia) discovered a niche in the market for gourmet breakfasts. They reacted promptly and released an exclusive range of tantalising granola mixes, which are now available nationwide in Australia. As a trained chef (with over 16-years commercial experience under his belt) Adam harnessed these skills to produce some of the best muesli on the market. In contrast, Amelia worked as a formulation scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. These combined resources have enabled them to establish a very successful and sustainable business.

What makes Adelia Fine Foods truly special is that all of their gourmet Granola’s and Trail mixes are meticulously handcrafted in small batches. Where possible they only use local ingredients and many of their products are vegan, low sugar, fruit free, low fructose, sulphur, preservatives and devoid of artificial additives. They also cater for people like myself with Coeliac disease and have some amazing gluten-free alternatives available. In fact, my personal favourites in the range are the highly addictive Paleo and Superfoods Trail Mixes. A bowl of this super high energy breakfast definitely will keep you fuelled all day.

For more information about Adelia Fine Foods follow this link

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