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Konstantin Chaykin Levitas Jazz Watch

Konstantin Chaykin’s story dates back thirty-eight years to the city formerly known as Leningrad, USSR. In 1995, aged twenty he attained a degree in radio technology from St. Petersburg Telecommunications College. His initial plan to pursue a career in communications changed when he was required to serve a compulsory two years in the Russian Army. Subsequently he opened a business selling timepieces that stimulated his passion for fine watchmaking.


From the year 2000-2003 Konstantin Chaykin taught himself watchmaking by reading books and studying traditional techniques. He also developed skills in chemistry, physics, mechanics and metal work. Recently I have featured the exceptional talents of many other self-taught ateliers including Donald W. Corson, Valerii Danevych and Hajime Asaoka. The common link between these extraordinary craftsmen is they all produce amazingly beautiful and intricate watches.

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Most of Konstantin Chaykin’s creations seem to follow a theme. I wrote a couple of articles featuring his sensational Cinema Watch. This watch honours the extraordinary achievements of cinematographer Eadweard Muybridge. The new Jazz Levitas Watch is inspired by the golden era of Jazz music. With a diameter of 61mm this is an absolutely massive watch that clearly won’t appeal to more conservative tastes. Due to exclusive nature of the watch and the sheer size I suspect it would only be worn for very special occasions. Ultimately this timepiece has been created for the serious collector.

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Fundamentally the design of the Jazz Levitas Watch is collaboration between Konstantin Chaykin and Sergey Lunev from the Principal Guide design studio. The dial is composed of onyx to replicate the look of a vinyl record. There is also a wonderful 18-carat white gold gramophone horn located at 3 o’clock. This musical theme continues with a piano keyboard, bass strings, microphone and mother-of-pearl drum cover situated on the bezel. Other incredible elements include the music note indexes, mysterious floating hands and revolving glass disc, which forms the background of the dial. Overall the attention to detail is astonishing and the finishing is superlative.

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Beneath the luxurious 18 carat white gold exterior lies the highly accomplished Caliber KMR 02-0. This hand winding movement comprises 29 jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour. All the components of this mechanism have been delicately hand crafted and can be viewed through the sapphire crystal case back. Konstantin Chaykin rigorously conducts thousands of hours of testing to ensure optimum performance. The Jazz Levitas Watch features hours, minutes, phases of the moon and a power reserve of 42 hours.

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The Jazz Levitas Watch has a hand stitched black alligator strap with matching 18-carat white gold buckle.

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