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Ambrelus Dreadnought

Over the last two years I have extensively written articles about beautifully crafted watches. Some of these timepieces are so exclusive that there are only a few pieces in the world. A great example is the wonderful Greubel Forsey Diamond Set Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain. Presently there is only one model in existence and I was fortunate enough to test it. Although I only got to wear this amazing timepiece for a limited amount of time I was completely mesmerized by its charms. This made me seriously contemplate who actually owns these watches and what is the motivation to purchase them. After recent conversations with a few serious investors I now feel I have a clearer insight.


A few months ago a gentleman called Ed McNack contacted me. He sent me a detailed press release about his company Ambrelus Horologics and their phenomenal watch-winder called the Dreadnought. I initially thought that the message had been sent in error because I normally only write about watches. However on reflection the very nature of this luxury product stimulated my interest.


For many years Ed McNack worked in senior management positions within high profile companies like Jaguar, Verizon Wireless and the railroad industry. Approximately three years ago his watch-winder became defunct and he needed to replace it. With only a limited amount of choice available at the time, Ed saw a niche in the market. Utilising his Bachelor of Science (M.I.T.) and MBA (Wharton) he decided to devise his own watch winder. Initially the concept started on the drawing board and evolved into custom-made prototypes.


It is fair to say that prior to writing this article I have had a limited interest in Watch-Winders. This all changed when I visited Ambrelus Horologics website and saw the Dreadnought. Ultimately this is the Rolls Royce of watch-winders designed for the serious collector. This product is so highly exclusive I envisage it would only be reserved for the watch aficionado. The type of people I am talking about would potentially own some exceptionally rare and precious timepieces.


Aesthetically the Dreadnought is an absolute work of art. What makes it so special is the luxurious quilted leather clad steel case, which is available in a choice of Camel, Ebony and Mocha. This characteristic is sublime and sets it apart from the rest of the competition. I love details like the magnified porthole style window and analogue voltmeter/ammeters dials. Other incredible features include jeweled aluminum faceplates/bridges and bespoke asymmetrical aluminum hand wheels. Functionally the Dreadnought features an overwind protection facility; triple operating modes (Clockwise, Counterclockwise and Bi-directional) and is completely compatible with all watch brands.


Impressively each watch winder is meticulously handcrafted, tested and assembled in the U.S.A. All the high value components are sourced locally to ensure optimum quality control. The Dreadnought is presented in an elegant wooden box and retails at: $9995 + shipping.

For more technical specifications visit the company’s website: http://www.ambrelus.com

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