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Trevor McIvor Architect Severn Sound Cottage

Hopefully, in the next few months, my ‘Australian Architecture’ book will be published and available in retail outlets worldwide. The project is a collaboration with my editor Cheryl Weber, who is an acclaimed author in her own right. She has always been captivated by Australian contemporary homes, which are located in many diverse regions. Interesting for Country (continent) with such a small population it really punches well above its weight in terms of innovation. Another region that has a few unsung heroes is Canada and Severn Sound Cottage by Trevor McIvor Architects perfectly illustrates this point.

Personally, I have never visited Canada and so can’t really grasp the scale of this country. In terms of landmass, it only surpassed by Russia, which is absolutely colossal. Situated in the picturesque region of Penetanguishene, Ontario is a beautiful residence called Severn Sound Cottage. The property is the brainchild of Trevor McIvor who has completed over 50 bespoke buildings (in 20 years) since he left university in 1998. Subsequently, he established his own business in 2016 and is going from strength to strength.

Trevor McIvor Architects specialise in the construction of construction of timber frame buildings fabricated (where possible) from locally sourced Black Spruce and Canadian Douglas Fir. The latter is used effectively in the exposed cantilevered ceilings and joists of Severn Sound Cottage. Other notable external characteristics of this contemporary residence include large panoramic windows that enjoy tranquil views of the Georgian coastline and perfectly manicured landscaped gardens.

In my opinion, the key to the success of Severn Sound Cottage lies in its minimalistic design. Trevor McIvor Architects have continued this theme is continued internally by using a range of organic materials. For example, the flooring is solid timber, wall cladding is stone and kitchen bench tops are fabricated from marble. Overall this 4,000 square foot property is absolutely delightful and yet another great reason to employ an architect to create your dream home.

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