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MB & F HM9

A few weeks ago I invested in a top of the range 12.9” iPad Pro to produce some very detailed drawings. The problem is there are so many available Apps on the market. Don’t get me wrong this is a major advance in technology as most of them are free (or competitively priced). Finally, after installing/trialling several programs I have mostly been using Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Sketch. Essentially these Apps enable me to create realistic professional artwork to present to clients. However, as a designer, I am mindful not to over complicate concepts (at this stage) because manufacturing these products might not be possible. In contrast companies like MB & F don’t seem to have these constraints. That is why they can invent incredible timepieces like the new HM9.

Recently MB & F’s Trade Marketing Manager Virginie Toral posted a great image showcasing the brands amazing accomplishments over a 13-year period. Certainly, if you like modernistic designs then you will appreciate this prized collection. From a personal perspective, my favourite is probably HM2 (SV Sapphire Vision edition) because I Iove the industrial aesthetic. However, all of the horological machines are spectacular including the new HM9. With only 66 pieces on offer, I am positive collectors will not deliberate at all.

The HM9 is a curvaceous beauty that is inspired by mid-century automotive and aviation design. Essentially the streamlined sculpted appearance is reminiscent of jet engines. Paolo Mastrogiuseppe Aviatore Veloce coffee machine successfully explores this theme and it is equally effective in this instance. With this timepiece, MB & F are striving to surpass what they achieved with the HM4 Thunderbolt and HM6 Space Pirate. Whether they have or not is academic because this is a great piece of artwork in its own right. Literally speaking this timepiece really is poetry in motion.

Dimensionally the scale of the HM9 perfectly appeals to me because I gravitate towards oversized watches. However, due to the innovative case design and use of high-performance materials like grade 5 titanium, it should be comfortable to wear. Powering the watch is a sophisticated 44-jewel (in-house) hand-winding movement comprising 301 individually crafted components. This mechanical masterpiece is visibly showcased via five beautifully milled sapphire crystal windows. Functionally the watch features hours and minutes, which are displayed on a vertical dial.

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