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Multiple Time Zone Watches

I have recently become very interested in wristwatches that display multiple time zones. Although quartz watches like Diesel’s Mr Daddy 2.0 provide this function adequately I like the concept of a Swiss automatic with this feature. Many timepieces have dual time zones that are controlled by an individual movement. The problem I have found is that they haven’t got the facility to operate in increments of 30 minutes. Realistically there are two solutions available to remedy this issue. The first option is to purchase the revolutionary Legacy N°1 from MB & F, which costs $92,000 or Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance around 180,000. Unfortunately, due to the exclusive nature of these exquisite watches the price point, this isn’t viable for most people (including me). The second alternative is to buy a timepiece, which contains more than one movement. Here are five superb watches (I personally own) that successfully illustrate this point.

B.R.M. 3MVT-52


Bernard Richard Manufacturer (B.R.M) is an incredibly exciting French luxury Watchmaker. Their bold and innovative creations are inspired by the motorsport industry. The 3MVT-52 is the largest watch they have produced and has a diameter of 52mm.  I have personally worn this watch and have found it exceptionally comfortable to wear. Primarily this is down to the elegant design and use of high-performance titanium in production. I love the attention to detail on this watch especially the decorative steel trim around the dials. Other eye-catching elements include the intricate design of the lugs and checkerboard pattern on the side of the case. The watch is powered by three separate ETA 2671-2 movements, which comprise 25 Jewels and oscillate at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

Glycine Airman 7 Plaza Mayor


High-end watchmaker Glycine was established in Bienne, Switzerland. For nearly 100 years the brand has specialized in the production of world time watches. Most of their timepieces are classically styled with the exception of the formidable Airman 7 Plaza Mayor. This amazing watch measures a formidable 53mm x 53mm excluding the crowns and lugs. I have worn the stainless steel version, which sits comfortably on the wrist. There is also a titanium model that would feel much lighter to wear. The façade is composed of three carbon fiber dials displaying the local time (with GMT function) and two other time zones. Beneath the elegant square case lies an ETA 2893-2 and two 2671-2 automatic movements. Unfortunately, the company has discontinued producing this wonderful watch.

Ritmo Mvndo Persepolis 202/SS


Ritmo Mvndo is a fashion inspired watchmaker located in the heart of Los Angeles. The Persepolis is the company’s flagship model and in my opinion their most successful creation. With colossal dimensions of 52.5mm x 20mm, this timepiece is definitely designed to make a statement. I recently reviewed the fantastic 202 SS BLACK and for a watch of this size, I found it comfortable to wear. What makes this timepiece really cool is the revolving orbital case. This allows the recipient to alternate between the time zones. The dial is skeletonized and showcases both of the Swiss Selita SW calibres. These automatic mechanical movements comprise 26 jewels and oscillate at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Overall this is a highly original and great looking watch.

Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole CCM


Meccaniche Veloci has designed many striking watches including the highly successful Quattro Valvole series. Back in May, I reviewed the QV48-W124N096 from the brand’s classic range. Generally, I found it comfortable and lightweight to wear. Principally this is down to the ergonomic design and use of titanium in production. The CCM is the flagship model and is the world’s first wristwatch entirely constructed from Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes. I love the texture and colour, which is unlike any other watch available on the market. In my opinion, this is definitely the most innovative timepiece the company has ever made. Dimensionally this imposing piece measures a staggering 50mm x 18mm making it the company’s largest creation to date. Underneath the robust case, there are four separate ETA 2671-2 25 jewel Swiss made movements. This wonderful watch is limited to only 100 pieces.

Chronoswiss Wristmaster


Even though Gerd-R. Lang has extensive experience in the watch industry he only established his own brand in 1983. Within thirty years Chronoswiss has become synonymous with the production of beautifully crafted timepieces. The Wristmaster is a great example of their talents and certainly the largest watch they have ever produced. Amazingly this timepiece measures a gigantic 84mm x 42.20mm x 16.60mm. Clearly, these proportions won’t appeal to the more conservative tastes. The intuitive design of the case should make it reasonably comfortable to wear. I am a little surprised they didn’t construct the watch from titanium, as this would have significantly reduced the weight. The twin dials are very effective and integral to the overall success of the design. Underneath the robust exterior, there are Swiss made automatic ETA 2892-A2 and ETA 7750 movements.

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