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Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance: Masterpiece 1

In the next few months, my ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book will be released by ACC Publishing. The project was exceptional fun to research and write but subject to various delays. It was very important to my editor and me to create the best product possible and that meant various amendments. There are numerous high profile companies including Patek Philippe, Greubel Forsey, Richard Mille, Louis Moinet, Cabestan etc. and many small micro brands. I tried to be as comprehensive with my selections but due to editorial restrictions) some slipped through the net. Unfortunately, on this occasion, Armin Strom didn’t make the shortlist. However, their amazing Dual Time Resonance: Masterpiece 1 was included in my ‘Horological Highlights of 2018’ article.

Many horological commentators have their personal preferences and I am no different. I love multi-time zone watches and over the years I have collected quite a few rare pieces. For example, I own a Chronoswiss Wristmaster, several Glycine Airman 7 models an Azimuth Twin Turbo, B.R.M. 3MVT-52 and Ritmo Mundo Persepolis. However, my favourite is a Quatro Valvole from Italian/Swiss brand Meccaniche Veloci, which is crafted from a Brembo Carbon Ceramic brake. All of these models are reasonably priced and are powered by multiple Swiss mechanical calibres (mostly from ETA). In contrast the Dual Time Resonance: Masterpiece 1 is equipped a complicated 70-jewel (Calibre ARF17) manual winding movement comprising two independent regulation systems, which places it in a totally different price bracket. In fact, if want to acquire one of these marvels expect to pay in excess of 180’000 CHF (approximately $182,400).

Aesthetically the Dual Time Resonance: Masterpiece 1 is a really stunning watch, with a 3-dimensional architectural appearance. Highlights include twin Black guilloché dials (with stainless steel hands) jewelled ornate crowns and exposed dual regulators. This entire splendour is encapsulated in a gigantic 59 mm x 43.4 mm x 15.90 mm oval shape (18-karat white /rose gold, titanium) case. I am used to wearing even larger timepieces but if you prefer more traditional proportion this model might be too imposing. However, due to the cost and limited amount of pieces (8 each variant), I doubt whether this will be an issue.

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