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Franck Dubarry ‘Crazy Wheel’

After a year of patiently waiting, my UK publisher finally sent me the first draft of my ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book. The project was immensely rewarding for many, many reasons. Not only did I get to feature most of my favourite watchmakers but I also got include my own timepiece called the ‘Pure Carbon’. This piece took me over two years to manufacturer (with the assistance of several collaborators) because every single component is bespoke. It also is the world’s largest Swiss mechanical watch measuring a whopping 67mm (excluding the crown). Another bonus is I discovered (literally days before my deadline) a visionary watch designer called Franck Dubarry and was able to promote his fantastic ‘Crazy Wheel’.

Most people in the world of horology will be familiar with the name Franck Dubarry in connection with Technomarine (which he founded in 1997). However, since he sold the brand in 2007 he has been involved in several other lucrative business enterprises. These include food companies, real estate and technology. His latest venture is an Avant-Garde watch label under his own name. All of the collections are skilfully designed but my personal favourite has to be the ‘Crazy Wheel’ collection.

Within the ‘Crazy Wheel’ collection, there are several exciting models to choose from. For my ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book, I included the flagship CW0406, which features distinctive Maori Tattoo engravings. I was also privileged to get my hands on the most affordable piece in the range (CW0402), which also looks incredible. What makes this timepiece so extraordinary is the multi-layered architectural dial with exclusive Flying Bridge module. Every aspect of this exquisite Swiss made mechanical movement including the (Perlage & Cotes de Geneve decoration) is finished to perfection. This gives the watch a really extravagant aesthetic normally only found in more expensive ‘Haute Horlogerie’ brands.

Dimensionally the ‘Crazy Wheel’ is very well proportioned and measures 43mm x 50mm. Normally I prefer much larger watches but this particular model feels amazing on the wrist. Essentially this is due to the ergonomic case design and choice of materials like Grade 5 titanium. Certainly, this is a timepiece for appreciators of brilliant design and the execution is absolutely flawless. Functionally the watch features hours (displayed on a 360° rotating module), minutes, seconds and date indication. The timepiece is also water resistant to a depth of 100 metres, which makes it’s suitable for swimming.

The ‘Crazy Wheel’ has an Elastogator® (genuine leather and rubber) strap with matching titanium deployant buckle. For more information about Franck Dubarry follow this link

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