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HAJ Villa F

Last week I featured an amazing New York inspired residence (11, Warrawee Dock)
in the Adelaide suburb of Port Adelaide. This area is tipped to be one of Australia’s property hotspots of 2019. It isn’t really surprising due to an abundance of brown belt land that enjoys phenomenal waterfront views. This year one of the regions most prominent developers (Starfish Developments) are planning to build 750 dwellings. The project called Dock One mainly comprises townhouses and apartments. On a personal level, I would be interested in one of the 3-storey residences with a roof garden. I have even approached the owner to see if I could customise one to my own specifications. The reason that I mentioned this is because many people who live in rural South Australia might even contemplate purchasing one as a holiday home. Instead of buying investment properties many people are considering this an option.

To date, I have written two books specifically about architecture and one with a chapter about this fascinating subject. More frequently many of the modern masterpieces I am featuring (in books, magazines, my own website etc.) are built solely for private vacation use. A great example can be found in Villa F by architect practice HAJ (HORNUNG AND JACOBI ARCHITECTURE). This dynamic firm (established in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany) is the brainchild of Peter Thomas Hornung and Elsa Katharina Jacobi.

Presently, HAJ has completed five projects including the aforementioned Villa F. This property illustrates perfectly what makes contemporary architecture so brilliant. The house is situated in the idyllic location of Rhodes, Greece and enjoys spectacular panoramic views of the sea. I love the geometric forms of this futuristic residence that majestically cantilevers over the stone boundary wall. Certainly, this is one of the most innovative designs I have seen in a long time.

As well as having ultimate street appeal, Villa F also has a wonderful modernistic interior. Architects Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi and Jan Escher. If you are a disciple of minimalism, then the ice white palette will definitely appeal. Everything about the design is cohesive including concealed storage and a magical floating staircase. Due to the excessive summer temperatures, HAJ had to devise an innovative state of the art climate control system. This includes a mechanical opening in the roof and integrated duct cooling. The property also enjoys passive breezes from the evaporation of the marvellous Infiniti edge pool.

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