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Fabian Oefner “Disintegrating X”

A couple of days ago I went attending the ‘Good Design Forum South Australia’. Overall it was amazing because it brought together Chief Executives, entrepreneurs, industrial design specialists and leading lights in the science world. Even better the event was situated at Flinders University at the historical defunct Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant, which is presently undergoing a mammoth regeneration programme. One of the keys speakers was Murray Camem, who has worked with iconic British designer Terrence Conran, global electronic giant Phillips and Boeings primary partner Teague. His credentials are exceedingly impressive but what really resonated me was one of Murray’s childhood pictures of him sketching. This illustrated that even the most ambitious concepts start from humble two-dimensional drawings.

Recently I received a press release from my friends at M.A.D. Gallery. One of the artists they are presently representing is an incredibly talented Swiss photographer called Fabian Oefner. Not content with pretty still life’s or portraiture Fabian has created something far, far more ambitious. In fact, many people would say that what he has attempted and achieved borders on insanity. His latest work called “Disintegrating X” features an exploding Lamborghini Miura SV from 1972 and really creates the illusion of poetry in motion.

I have always been fascinated with photography and there is definitely a special art to it. Fabian Oefner resides in New York in the United States and passionately explores the boundaries between time, space and reality. His photographs are a delicate fusion of science and creativity. “Disintegrating X” is his most ambitious work to date and contains elements of 1,500 individual photographs, which took almost two years to complete. Fabian and his team travelled to the workshops surrounding the Lamborghini Factory in Sant’Agata/Italy to capture each piece of the Miura SV as it was being lovingly restored.

Obviously, most artists haven’t got the time or resources to produce a piece as complex as “Disintegrating X”. However, it is great to see what is achievable with this level of commitment. Certainly, I would love to own one of these amazing limited prints that are available in two sizes (140x70cm limited to 18 prints + 2 artist editions 230x115cm, limited to 8 prints + 2 artist editions).

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