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Baldi Pendulum Monumental Clock

TV in Australia is mainly a combination of UK and US programmes. One of the shows that has recently been aired over here is called Million Dollar Rooms from the HGTV network. As the name suggests all the rooms featured are exceptionally opulent and cost an absolute fortune. Even though most of them are completely over the top and would normally not appeal to most people’s tastes. For example a recent property (that was trying to re-create the appearance of an Italian Villa) actually had wallpaper encrusted with real pearls. However the show is very entertaining and the host Carter Oosterhouse plays his part very well.


Recently I contacted an Italian based luxury goods company called Baldi. They specialize in the design of very flamboyant and exclusive products for the rich and famous. Certainly I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see their creations on Million Dollar Rooms. In fact most of their works would cost in excess of a million dollars on their own. The formidable Pendulum Monumental Clock perfectly illustrates this point.


Prior to changing my website (a few months ago) to feature a broader range of products, I had never written about a clock. That is why I thought the Pendulum Monumental Clock by Luca Bojola would make a great subject. Not only is it one of the largest clocks available on the market but also it surely has to be the most luxurious. This amazing horological structure combines extravagant materials like lapis lazuli, tiger eye mosaic, white Carrara marble (for the columns) and 24 karat gilded bronze elements. The result is a beautiful piece of art that wouldn’t look out of place in a mansion or palace.


To produce the Pendulum Monumental Clock Baldi have collaborated with one of Germany’s finest clockmakers called Perrot. Essentially what Perrot have created is a state of the art mechanism that has an integrated internal GPS system that automatically synchronizes to the Atomic World Time. This ensures that the clock has optimum levels of accuracy at all times.


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