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Helen & Hard Summerhouse Reilstad

As the weather has progressively got colder in Adelaide, watching captivating dramas on Netflix has become more appealing. A few months ago a friend recommended I watch a Norwegian series called Occupied (Original title: Okkupert). This intriguing thriller is set in the near future and is the most expensive Norwegian production ever filmed. Interestingly the protagonist is the Green Party leader and the newly elected prime minister called Jesper Berg. His mission is to make Norway self-sufficient by using a thorium-based nuclear power instead of oil. In the context of this series, this causes friction but this progressive thinking could soon be a reality.

As well as being highly enjoyable (from a dramatic perspective) Okkupert also showcases some amazing architectural buildings. In 2018 Norway was voted the happiest country (per capita) in the world. That is why it is no surprise that architects are designing some pretty extraordinary homes for a range of discerning clients. A fantastic example I recently discovered is Summerhouse Reilstad by dynamic firm Helen & Hard.

Many people can only dream of designing their own home and especially something as incredible as Summerhouse. This beautiful residence was built in 2018 and is located on the Reilstad on the island of Finnøy. The building is constructed on four levels due to the steep surrounding landscape. One of the defining features of the project (created by Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf, Peter Feltendal, Håkon Solheim and Dag Strass) is the formidable floating roof. This exceptional characteristic is also integral to the interior theme as well.

One of the main reasons I love Scandinavian architecture and design is the overall simplicity. The modernistic aesthetic of this home is successful because of the choice of high quality internal and external textures. The house effectively uses organic materials like stone, solid ash and glass to great advantage. Ultimately the key to the success of Summerhouse lies in the minimalistic geometry of the building.

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