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DARWINmachine Hammerhead FMR989

After I left university in 1989 I became a freelance illustrator and was represented by a prestigious artist agency. I vividly remember working to exceptionally tight deadlines and normally working for 48-hours straight to complete an artwork. Thirty years ago illustrations had to be hand delivered or sent by a courier service. They also had to be mounted on a board with an acetate sheet cover. Obviously these days everything is done digitally and can be sent worldwide with the click of a mouse.


The first computer I ever bought was a Fujitsu laptop that was both slow and clunky. Nowadays people buy these consumables as much for their aesthetic value as their functionality. Ultimately that is why Apple has become such a global phenomenon. Literally buyers will queue up all night to ensure they can buy the latest iPad, iPhone or Mac book. This shows our overall appetite for innovative and well designed products.


Recently I became aware of a California based business called DARWINmachine. The company is the brainchild of architectural designer Matthew Kim and specializes in the production of high end computers. These creations are pretty incredible and are unlike anything else on the market. Their Hammerhead FMR989 computer has a very futuristic and deconstructed appearance. Essentially this gives the recipient an intimate look at the electronic workings of the machine.


The Hammerhead FMR989 is completely handcrafted and can be tailored to the client’s exact specifications. In fact, if you are prepared to pay the money Matthew Kim will produce whatever you want (within reason). What makes these computers extra special is the attention to detail. The choice of materials like carbon fiber, aircraft grade aluminium and brushed steel really put these machines in a league of their own.


Prices for the Hammerhead FMR989 start at: $2,489 (for a bare chassis).


For more information about DARWINmachine visit the company’s website: http://darwinmachine.com

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