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Steimle Architekten E20 residental living

Over the last few years, I have become more fascinated with modern materials and contemporary architecture in general. As an industrial designer, this prompted me to experiment with different textures and cutting edge techniques. Recently, I launched a boutique leather jacket brand called ‘Morley Rose’. The name was inspired by a ‘David Austin’ rose that was growing in my family home in the UK. My concept was to use industrial photographic textures like concrete, marble, galvanised steel, etc. for pocket trims and shoulder pads. Certainly, the overall result is very effective and a lot more subtle than you would expect.

For modern designers, concrete seems like a very popular choice because of the aesthetic and flexibility. Certainly, many brands have used this material for furniture and even high-end audio equipment (Master & Dynamic MA770 speaker designed by Sir David Adjaye). On a personal note, I have just created two watches cases from a specially formulated composite of resin a concrete. However, this material has been used in commercial construction for years and is fast becoming a favourite for residential architects. A brilliant example can be found in Steimle Architekten’s phenomenal E20 residential living project in Pliezhausen, Germany.

On a daily basis, I dream about building a contemporary home and E20 by Steimle Architekten comes pretty close to the mark. What strikes me about this residential home is the complex angular façade. This sculptural modernistic dwelling is built around a hexagonal floor plan and is a contrast to most generic box-like homes. The architects have really created something special and sustainable for the clients that will last the test of time. Certainly, this is a landmark property that makes an incredibly bold statement.

The thing I love about concrete is the range of textures that can be achieved. For the exterior of E20 Steimle Architekten have used rough-sawn wooden board formwork to create a rustic relief pattern. This makes the home highly inviting and gives you an impression of what can be expected inside. Essentially the interior is a minimalists dream with a select palette of concrete, glass and solid oak. Everything about this residence is bespoke to the window frames, custom made angular kitchen and central fireplace. Accented with a few signature furniture pieces and choice artwork this is virtually the perfect sanctuary for the fortunate owners.

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