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Five Amazing Watches That Won’t Break the Bank

Recently my fifth book entitled ‘Independent Watchmakers’ was published by ACC Art Books. They did an absolutely fantastic job and even helped organised an article (to publicise this book) in the New York Times. The journalist who interviewed me (Melanie Abrams) is a seasoned professional. Therefore, all her questions were meticulous in detail and she wanted me to explain the reason for my selections. Ultimately, I chose timepieces that displayed originality and exceptional design merit. However, it is fair to say that many of these amazing watches are beyond most people’s budgets.

As a designer I realise the challenges of producing innovative mechanical watches that are affordable. At the luxury end of the market brands like Cabestan, De Bethune, MB & F, Richard Mille and Urwerk (to name but a few) have the scope to achieve phenomenal heights. These companies spend an enormous amount on research and development. Therefore, they can employ the world’s finest watchmakers to create highly complicated movements. Certainly, fortunate collectors are enticed by these magnificent examples of hologogical engineering. However, they are normally reserved for clients with very deep pockets.

Friends often ask me advice on watches and in particular models priced comfortably under the $10,000 threshold. Relatively, speaking this is still a lot of money for most people (including myself) so making the right choice is crucial. Here are five of my favourites that could be worn on a daily basis and are certain to attract a lot of positive attention.

Azimuth Predator II ($5,995)

Tockr Hydro Dipped Air Defender Series ($2,850)

Giorgio Piola G5 Green ($2,500)

Rpaige “Chrysler Building” watch ($6,300)

Vicenterra Tycho Brahe T2 Blue App ($4,931)

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