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Mecurio Design Lab Villa Mistral

A few days ago I had the privilege of attending the wedding reception of beautiful Vietnamese and Chinese couple. Certainly, love was in the air and everybody really enjoyed the event. At my allotted table I was seated next to a delightful lady who was formerly a property developer. Interestingly she specialised in demolishing dilapidated older style houses and sub dividing. However, nowadays the margins are too tight and consumers desire more than generic properties. As a writer, I can totally understand that homeowners crave for individuality and that is why they commission architects to articulate their visions.

Recently I wrote an article for a renowned Hong Kong magazine about urban residences. One of the phenomenal properties featured was Villa Mistral by Mecurio Design Lab. When I first pitched the concept to my editor he wanted to focus on Asian properties and in particular Singapore. This region is very affluent and land is at an absolute premium. Therefore, architects are driven to find creative solutions for their discerning clients. Certainly, Villa Mistral delivers on all fronts and is a truly exciting home.

What makes Villa Mistral so special is the futuristic silhouette that is designed to provoke attention. The concept is loosely inspired by Cruise liner and the façade is painted in a metallic white iridescent hue. Even though the plot size is only 680 square metres, Mecurio Design Lab have created the illusion of more space. The bold angular structure is fabricated from concrete, timber and an abundance of glass. These material allow the architects the freedom to create curvaceous forms that give the building an almost sculptural appearance.

Internally Villa Mistral the exceedingly high specifications continue and the composition is cohesive. In fact, Mecurio Design Lab have created a very distinctive nautical aesthetic using the highest quality materials. Situated over 4 levels the residence features an entertainment room dining area, dry kitchen, living room, Master bedroom (overlooking the ocean) and a fabulous roof terrace with breathtaking views of the canal. This aspirational home really is the epitome of style and totally accommodates the client’s passion for ” feng shui” style living.

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