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Bruto Steel

A few days ago I was having a meal with a group of new friends. We discussed many topics including our aspirations and future dreams for our children. My son has just turned 10-years old and is pretty obsessed with sports. In fact, he recently one a cross country event hosted by several local schools. Another activity he is passionate about is tennis and he following in the footsteps of local (Adelaide) hero Lleyton Hewitt. Certainly, at his age, absolutely anything is possible with a lot of hard work. I also believe when you advance to your adult most things are achievable (except for elite sports). Bespoke furniture maker Silvio Acosta is a good case in study.

Silvio Acosta emigrated from Argentina to Victoria, Australia with his wife and three children 8-years ago. Utilising his engineering background and extensive experience as a welder he decided to pursue his dreams. The result was establishing a company called Bruto Steel, which specialises in boutique furniture. When I visit many lifestyle shops in Australia many of the products are generic and mass-produced in China. That’s why it is a refreshing change to see real craftsmanship still alive and kicking.

Recently, I signed a contract to write my 7th book, which will focus on modernistic architecture. The current trend is an industrial aesthetic and this is filtering through to furniture design. Silvio Acosta’s company Bruto Steel philosophy is the handcraft stylish modernistic products that are sustainable. His passion for this art and meticulous attention to detail is definitely reflected in his work. Looking at the quality of his products it is evident that he has adopted an uncompromising approach.

A few weeks ago I featured an exceptional product on Total Design Reviews called the ‘The+Record Player’ by Plus Audio. This illustrates that vinyl is experiencing a renaissance period and many high street stores are stocking reissued records (at premium prices). That is why it is not surprising that one of Bruto Steel’s most popular line is a HiFi cabinet with built-in storage shelves for vinyl. Other favourites are his stools, benches, coffee tables, side tables, entertainment cabinets and shoe racks. Essentially Silvio only uses two materials to create a bold minimalistic appearance. The frames are constructed from powder-coated welded steel (available in several colours) and the tops from solid oiled Merbau timber (which originates from South East Asia). However, I am sure customers could request different wood varieties to suit their preferences.

One of the main reasons to deal with companies like Bruto Steel is they can create products to the client’s exact specifications. For more information about the company and pricing follow this link

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