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Super Veloce Aviatore Veloce Espresso Coffee Machine

What I have noticed about living in Australia is that people are fanatical about their coffee. In Adelaide, where I reside there is a boutique café called ‘A Mothers Milk’ that serve single origin coffee from around the world. On one occasion I even got to try a very special brew from Tasmania. As well as a broad variety of independent eateries there are many exclusive retailers selling bespoke machines. Therefore, customers can enjoy this wonderful beverage in the comfort of their own homes.

Certainly there is a large variety of coffee machines ranging from capsule machines by Nespresso to custom made contraptions like the Mirage from Kees Van Der Westen Espressonistic Works in the Netherlands. However, if you are looking for something truly remarkable then look no further than the Aviatore Veloce from Super Veloce. In my opinion this single cup espresso machine is a true work of art and the attention to detail is staggering.

The Aviatore Veloce is the vision of veteran design engineer Paolo Mastrogiuseppe who is also the CEO of the company. This model is a quarter scale replica of a prototype jet engine (that never made it into production) from the 1960’s. The machine is fabricated from aerospace-grade 316 T1 alloy and is joined together by rivets instead of by welding. Essentially this gives this product more structural integrity and enhances its aesthetic value. The meticulously polished curvaceous façade is manufactured to highest possible standard and designed for absolute purists.

In a similar spirit to the Lucky Egg Watch Winder by Allen Hsieh the Aviatore Veloce perfectly combines art and functionality. As well as looking visually spectacular it also will make a wonderful cup of ground coffee. On Total Design Reviews I feature some of the world finest architecture and this amazing creation certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a gastromone’s bespoke kitchen. However, with only a limited amount of these brilliant espresso machines likely to go into production it will only be able for a few discerning clients.

For more information about the Aviatore Veloce and Paolo Mastrogiuseppe’s other sensational creations follow this link.

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