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Janne Kyttanen Sofa So Good

A few years ago if someone told that 3D printing would be an integral part of our lives I would have said they were dreaming. However, with modern advances it seems that anything is possible. For example, companies are now using 3 D printing for building cars, furniture and even houses. No longer is this just a prototyping tool but a cost effective way of manufacturing bespoke pieces. In fact, this method of production has infiltrated into medical science and could be used for joint replacements in the near future.


Recently via social media I discovered the talents of progressive designer called Janne Kyttanen. Janne describes himself as a digital sculptor and a conceptual artist. He originates from Hameenlinna, Finland and studied at the Escola De Disseny, Elisave in Barcelona. From there he moved to the Netherlands where he now resides. Over the last few years he has gained a solid reputation as an innovative creative mind.


What fascinates me about Janne Kyttanen is that he has developed art into a sustainable business. All of his creations are functional as well as beautiful. Probably my personal favorite of all his products is the phenomenal Sofa So Good. This seating solution measures 150cm x 75cm x 55cm and only weighs 2.5 KG. It also is pretty sturdy and can support a 100KG person. Primarily this is because it is manufactured on a state of the art 3D Systems ProX 950 3D printer. Amazingly the sofa is composed of 6,000 micro fine layers, which create an almost spiders web appearance. As a finishing touch this superb piece of furniture is gloss coated in copper and gold.


Certainly a modernistic creation like the Sofa So Good might not appeal to everyone’s taste. I also don’t know how comfortable it would be to sit on. Nevertheless, it’s futuristic industrial aesthetic would make a dramatic statement in anyone’s home.




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