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Super Veloce Espresso Veloce Royale

Recently I have been seriously considering returning back to University to do an Honours (Masters) or PhD in industrial design. Over the last few years and in conjunction with several books I have written this subject has become highly appealing. I conveyed these thoughts to a few tutors and they connected me with some local talent. Even though Australia hasn’t really exploited the luxury market there are some innovators in this region. For example, Lee Gray established a high-end audio company called Kyron, which he has successfully globalised. When we met recently I told him about a visionary mechanical engineer called Paolo Mastrogiuseppe. This creative powerhouse invents the most extraordinary Espresso machines and is an inspiration to aspiring designers.

I first became aware of Paolo Mastrogiuseppe on a flight back home to Adelaide. There was a feature in the airline’s magazine showcasing his phenomenal Aviatore Veloce, which is a quarter-scale re-creation of an authentic jet engine. Subsequently, I wrote an in-depth review of the Nero Carbonio and have been an avid admirer of the brand ever since. That is why I was absolutely delighted to receive a press release unveiling Super Veloce’s most exclusive espresso machine to date. The product in question is appropriately named the Veloce Royale and is limited to only one piece.

In my experience consumers have different motivations for purchasing luxury goods. Obviously brand status and exclusivity top the list. However, clients also expect revolutionary design and exceptionally high-grade performance materials. Certainly, the Veloce Royale delivers this in abundance. For example, the chassis is constructed from Aerospace grade 7075 alloy, stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber. This is accented with elements of 18-carat white gold, diamonds, royal purple amethyst and gold leaf. Ultimately Paolo Mastrogiuseppe has surpassed himself with this majestic espresso machine.

Aesthetically the Veloce Royale is an extravagant version of the brilliant Aurum 18ct, which was limited to 10-units worldwide. Essentially Paolo Mastrogiuseppe has developed the concept to its conclusion and created a wonderful Objet d’art. However, this isn’t just a mere novelty as it is designed to make the perfect espresso coffee. Even though the façade is intricately handcrafted by the world’s finest artisans the machine is very user-friendly. In fact, all you need to do is insert a capsule into the dispenser and voila!

It is fair to say that the Veloce Royale is beyond luxury and is the companies ‘magnum opus’. This amazing espresso machine also is accessorised with silver, gold, royal amethyst and diamond encrusted cups. Paolo Mastrogiuseppe has considered absolutely every detail meticulously to create an unforgettable experience for the privileged consumer. Without a doubt, this is a collectable piece that will be cherished for generations.

For more information about Super Veloce follow this link.

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