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Tesla Cybertruck

As a writer, I try to feature a diverse range of products as possible. Originally, my website focused primarily on watches. However, this all changed after I visited Singapore in 2015. On the business trip/family vacation I met with a Malaysian entrepreneur who suggested I should broaden my horizons. This was the catalyst for writing several books about luxury design and contemporary architecture. It also inspired me to pursue industrial design and create several bespoke watches.

As a designer, I generally prefer a more industrial modernistic appearance. Essentially, that is why I enjoy writing about contemporary architecture and the reason I absolutely love Tesla’s new Cybertruck. I have never been crazy about cars Per-Se but my appreciation for sophisticated automobile design has increased over the years. The main reason is my son loves high-performance cars. In fact, he actually helped me compile selections for a chapter of my ‘Luxury Design for Living’ book.

Many people fantasize about the cars they would purchase if they had a lottery win. My choice would definitely be the Tri-Motor AWD electric Cybertruck from Tesla. Not only is the design mind-blowing but the acceleration speed 2.9 seconds from 0-60 miles per hour is absolutely insane. This is as fast as many supercars from iconic brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McClaren etc. It also has an exceptional range of 500 miles on one single charge.

As the name probably suggests the Cybertruck has a brutalist angular industrial appearance that might not appeal to traditionalists. However, according to CEO Elon Musk, the company has already achieved 250,000 advance orders. Personally I am not at all surprised and love the aesthetic. This amazing futuristic vehicle inspires me to adopt a bolder approach with my designs. Certainly, I can envisage this automobile being featured in many Hollywood Sci-Fi movies and owned by several A-list stars.

The exterior is fabricated from ultra-hard 30 x cold rolled steel, which has been left exposed. Other features including LED strip lights, armoured glass (made polymer-layered composite) and 100 cubic feet of storage. The Cybertruck also has an incredible towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. Internally the vehicle is more family-friendly with sumptuous leather seating and a large 17” touch screen display unit.

Production for the Tri-Motor AWD is still nearly three years away (late 2022) but the company is taking pre-orders. Certainly, I am excited to see if the amazing Cybertruck will live to all the hype.

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