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Riskers PROLOG 1

A few weeks ago I was recalling memories from my university days in Manchester, England. Back in 1986, the city was a completely different place than it is today. Sure you had a vibrant indie music scene with bands like the Smith’s, New Order, Joy Division, Stones Roses and the Happy Mondays leading the pack. However, there were still many untouched derelict areas with abandoned properties. I vividly remember sketching bomb-damaged buildings as part of course assignments. This illustrated the devastation that two wars had on this Northern region. To think of the hardship soldiers endured brings a shudder down my spine. That is why it was refreshing to read a press release from French brand Riskers that celebrates the achievements of these brave men and many other unsung heroes.

On a regular basis, I receive press releases from watch brands showcasing attractive new watches. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with this because I truly value the importance of good design and innovation. However, Riskers have approached this from a different angle and it is clear they are passionate about the cause. In the lead up to their Kickstarter campaign, they used illustrations instead of 3D renderings. As an artist, this instantly caught my eye and I was intrigued to see the end product. Fortunately, the completed watches lived up to the hype and act as a perfect tribute to the heroes they are inspired by.

Within the range, there are four watches named after individual heroes and organisations. These are called the PROLOG I (Albert Roche) Chapter 1 (Guillaume d’Aboville), Chapter 2 (Mountain Troops) and Chapter 3 (Pain Without Borders). The first two models are Swiss automatic (STP calibre) and my personal favourite is the PROLOG I. Ultimately, this particular variant resonates with me because of the retro Taupe dial with contrasting eggshell indexes. However, all of the watches including the two quartz models are very enticing and will appeal to different buyers.

Dimensionally the PROLOG I (and all other models) have a well-proportioned stainless steel case measuring 43mm x 12.35 mm. I love the stylised crown guard, which is vaguely reminiscent of watches from Panerai. However, in no way am I suggesting this isn’t a clone because the design of this timepiece has been well considered. Other notable features include open-worked hour/minute hands, oversize bold numerals and a discreet porthole date window (located at 3 o’clock).

For more information about the brand follow this link

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